Vanguard players think new cosmetics are the “worst idea” ever

vanguard operator throwing grenade

Activision has given its Call of Duty players even more customizable items to play around with in Vanguard. The latest Battle Pass has welcomed Best Play cosmetics, and players aren’t impressed with them.

With every passing month, cosmetics are developing and more options are being added all the time. We’re used to seeing Blueprints and Operator skins, but now we’re getting customizable end-game screens.

Call of Duty: Vanguard features a ‘Best Play’ at the end of every game. This is either a celebration of a spectacular passage of play or simply the final kill of the game.

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The Season 1 Battle Pass has now made it possible for Vanguard players to customize the Best Play screen with a variety of different borders. However, players feel that killcam cosmetics are not the best way forward.

vanguard season 1 battle pass

Reddit user u/Turret_100 submitted a post to the Vanguard subreddit amusingly titled: “This is probably one of the worst ideas for a cosmetic I’ve ever seen.”

It’s up to you to decide if you feel the same way, but judging by the comments from many of the readers on the post, the general feeling is one of negativity and bewilderment.

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jimk1692’s top comment had over 700 likes and counting and simply said: “What in God’s name is this?” Whereas another top comment said: “Jeez…that overlay image looks like it could be from the Nintendo 64 or something…it’s awful.”

The border, described as “Cockpit,” turns the screen into a literal view of a plane cockpit. It’s not incredibly detailed and even takes the focus away from the Best Play itself.

Given that the Battle Pass is always bought by tons of Call of Duty gamers, it’s probably safe to assume that more of these will be in future Battle Passes.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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