Vanguard players disappointed with unwanted change to Shipment map

Das Haus playlist Vanguard

The Vanguard devs have removed an aspect of the map Shipment that many feel is its best feature, and it didn’t take long for players to notice.

The Ship Haus playlist has been one of the most talked-about aspects of Vanguard since its global release. At times, both Shipment and Das Haus can be frustratingly amusing to play. Shipment in particular evokes a love-hate relationship out of Vanguard players.

When the popular playlist disappeared on November 21, players immediately begged Sledgehammer to bring it back. On November 24, their wish came true as Ship Haus and Double XP made their return to Vanguard. Little did they know, they weren’t getting the same experience they fell in love with.

Shipment game mode rotation issues

Shipment map Vanguard

The main issue that players can’t seem to get their heads around is the lack of Domination on Shipment. Although it isn’t entirely impossible to get a Domination match on Shipment, the chances are extremely low with Team Deathmatch being the most common.

Players are fed up with playing Team Deathmatch on Shipment due to how fast the game comes to an end. Oftentimes, the score limit ends the game before two minutes have elapsed. Reddit user u/murfman713 claims that the majority of time is spent on Das Haus and the MVP voting screen.

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Even though there were some major complaints with Shipment’s spawns when playing Domination, players are demanding to play it more. After all, they say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

The reason most people enjoy this playlist so much is because of its utility for leveling up weapons. When a Team Deathmatch game ends in under two minutes players don’t get a chance to level up weapons and grind the game.

The split opinions from the player base are incredibly fascinating. Some players believe, Sledgehammer has reduced the frequency of Domination on Shipment while they work on a fix for the atrocious spawns.

Vanguard players battling in Shipment

While others think it has something to do with weapon-level progression. Some have claimed that the devs are trying to prolong the grind as they don’t want players getting between 70-150 kills per game on Shipment. Players are using the fact that weapon level progression has been slowed to support their argument.

The two major solutions that fans are demanding are an increase to the score limit for Team Deathmatch or to include additional objective game modes on Shipment such as Hardpoint and Patrol.

Whether this was a calculated move from the devs or a simple miscalculation, players will have a limited time to enjoy the Ship Haus playlist and Double XP.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games