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Call of Duty: Vanguard

JGOD reveals easy way to level up Vanguard weapons

Call of Duty data expert JGOD has found a more effective way of leveling up weapons in Vanguard by playing Zombies.



jgod in front of red star map

Vanguard players have bemoaned the slow weapon-leveling in Sledgehammer Games’ newest CoD title, and JGOD believes he’s found an efficient way of speeding things up in Zombies.

The early days of using a weapon can be tough as most of a gun’s best attachments come much later on, and with weapons having 70 weapon levels to grind, it can be an arduous task to level one up quickly in Vanguard.

However, well-respected Call of Duty data analyzer JGOD believes he may have found a way of making guaranteed XP to level up weapons in Vanguard quicker and more efficiently by playing Der Anfang Zombies.

JGOD’s quick weapon-levelling method in Vanguard Zombies

exploding zombies in cod vanguard

The method discovered by JGOD involves starting up a game of Solo Zombies, killing a small number of them using melee, and then leaving.

JGOD himself has described this method as “tedious but efficient” but thinks that this new leveling strat could be the way for players to consistently level up guns.

Here’s how to use JGOD’s weapon-leveling strat by playing Zombies in Vanguard:

  1. Go to Zombies
  2. Begin a Solo game fo Der Anfang Zombies
  3. Melee kill the first 30-35 Zombies and then leave the game
  4. Rinse and repeat the first 3 steps

If you follow the method correctly and properly, then JGOD says it should take “3 hours for each Pistol from Level 1-60 and it’s 4 hours for every other weapon from Level 1 to Level 70. That’s total, not in-game time.”

Players may not find enjoyment in griding the same process over and over again for hours at a time and may stick to online Multiplayer. In which case, here are some other fast methods of leveling up in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games