Vanguard players claim Whitley is the most broken weapon in Season 2

Luca Di Marzo
Whitley LMG with Operator Vanguard

Vanguard Season 2 introduced players to the Whitley LMG and many believe that it is controversially the most broken weapon in the game.

The Whitley LMG is currently terrorizing Vanguard players with its two-shot kill potential, massive magazine size, and bullet penetration capability. The Whitley is exposing Vanguard’s naturally quick TTK as players claim the weapon is making the game impossible to play.

To make matters worse, players are criticizing the supposed pay-to-win nature of the weapon that has made Battle Pass weapons controversial for consecutive seasons.

Whitley LMG Vanguard

The problem with the Whitley LMG is that it has no weaknesses or drawbacks. Usually, when a weapon is this powerful, it will at the very least prove difficult to control. Yet the Whitley shoots straight and kills players in milliseconds.

Most players are furious at the devs for allowing such an overpowered weapon to get past weapon balancing tests and into the game. Vanguard players have deemed it the most broken weapon in Season 2 and are even debating if it’s one of the most broken CoD multiplayer weapons of all time.

The comments found in the above post on the Vanguard subreddit are full of players in disbelief of how strong the Whitley is: “That gun is beyond broken, worst gun release ever. Blows the AS Val outta the water.”

The LMG is taking over multiplayer lobbies leaving players frustrated at the lack of balance in Vanguard matches: “Yes, that thing is disgusting. Zero recoil, two shot kill, huge magazine. I just finished a game on das haus with a teammate spamming that thing non stop in the central lane mowing down any player trying to cross.”

The scenario in which a Battle Pass weapon is far too broken is nothing new to Call of Duty. We saw the Cooper Carbine and the Welgun have a similar impact in Vanguard Season 1. Although the weapon is technically free, players consider it pay-to-win due to the option to purchase Battle Pass Tier skips.

Once the Season 2 dust settles, there’s no doubt the Whitley will be the first weapon to receive a nerf, but Vanguard players think that it’ll be too late at that point with the damage being done, “That’s by design. Make it op and make a bundle to sell. Nerf it months later when everyone’s overused it already.”

Until the weapon receives a much-needed nerf, you may want to adopt the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality as far as the Whitley is concerned.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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