Vanguard players call for the return of individual mastery camos

Vanguard mastery camo

Individual mastery camos were absent in Black Ops: Cold War but Vanguard players are now asking for the opportunity to complete some new camo challenges. 

After Warzone Pacific launched, Vanguard players were disappointed to see how camos looked way better in the Battle Royale. Unfortunately, Vanguard camos have been met with a mostly negative reception since launch. 

Now, players are asking for the chance to earn some individual mastery camos. After this type of camo gained traction in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with the Obsidian camo, players want something similar in Vanguard. 

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Obsidian M4A1

Much like Modern Warfare, Vanguard launched with three mastery camos up for grabs so the possibility of adding one or more isn’t entirely out of the question. Players want to see an Obsidian-like camo join the ranks alongside Gold, Diamond, and Atomic.

In a Reddit post by Genericbuild, players discuss whether they’d like to see new individual mastery camos added to Vanguard. Although most comments agree that Obsidian wasn’t the most gorgeous camo, they’d be happy to see the challenge return to Call of Duty.

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The post perfectly addresses the two major benefits of having this type of challenge return. An individual mastery camo would allow players to flex their other hard-earned camos while aiming to prove that they’ve mastered a specific weapon. 

STG44 Atomic camo vanguard

Another great point revolves around the fact that many Vanguard players simply do not have the time to grind for the other mastery camos. Most casual players stick to one or two weapons since they can only invest a limited amount of time into Vanguard.

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Adding a new individual mastery camo would give these players something to work toward and achieve while sticking to one weapon. 

Whether you were a fan of Obsidian in Modern Warfare or you think the concept of individual mastery camos is a great one, adding camos to Vanguard would make up for what players believed to be a weak assortment of camos at launch. 

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games