Vanguard players beg devs to make major changes to Engineer Perk and Attack Dogs

Engineer perk vanguard

Another reason to fix the currently broken Attack Dogs killstreak in Call of Duty: Vanguard has been brought to light. 

Vanguard’s Attack Dogs may just be the most controversial Call of Duty killstreak of all time. This specific killstreak has been the center of attention since Vanguard’s launch day. We already know that Attack Dogs can break the physics of the game by climbing ladders and flying. 

These pesky hounds also ran rampant throughout the entirety of Vanguard’s most recent double XP event. They terrorized the Ship Haus playlist thanks to a game-breaking Dead Drop exploit that allowed players to call in repeated killstreaks.

Due to their widespread use, players began to notice that this particular killstreak cannot be spotted by the Engineer Perk. 

Vanguard’s Attack Dogs need fixing

Vanguard Attack Dogs killstreak

The Engineer Perk occupies the second perk slot. Opting for this perk allows you to “detect enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls. Mark them for your team by aiming down sights. Hack enemy equipment and field upgrades.” All in all, it’s quite the nifty perk for the team player who offers value to his allies.  

Unfortunately, the problematic Attack Dogs seem to be an exception to the rule. Attack Dogs are not detectable through walls. In addition, you cannot mark them for your team. The fact that the Attack Dogs bypass the Engineer Perk makes them nearly impossible to deal with. 

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Killing Attack Dogs with Launchers is the most efficient way to complete the camo challenge requirement that asks players to destroy ground killstreaks. If Engineer would make Attack Dogs visible, this particular camo challenge would feel like less of a burden. 

Sledgehammer has yet to address the many issues pertaining to Attack Dogs. With how difficult they are to take down, their ability to evade the Engineer Perk, their physics bending movement, and the Dead Drop glitch, Attack Dogs are currently a hot mess of a killstreak. 

Check out the latest patch notes and keep an eye out for the devs to address these issues in a future update.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games