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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard’s Teleporting Attack Dogs are terrorizing players

Vanguard’s wonky teleporting Attack Dogs are finding players in hard-to-reach places and there’s no escaping these beasts.



Vanguard attack dogs

Hiding from Vanguard’s Attack Dogs is futile thanks to their ability to teleport.

If you think high ground will keep you safe from Vanguard’s Attack Dogs killstreak you might want to consider the fact that they can fly. Multiple players have had their false sense of security tested.

Not only are Vanguard’s Attack Dogs difficult to kill, but their ability to seek out enemies in places no dogs have ever stepped foot is quite remarkable. 

Attack Dogs bite vanguard

Players can earn the Attacks Dogs killstreak by killing 10 enemies without dying. From the moment Attack Dogs debuted in Call of Duty: World at War, they’ve remained a fan favorite killstreak. 

Vanguard’s iteration of Attack Dogs boast some incredible abilities. As seen in Scump’s clip on Demyansk, hiding in areas where you’d think dogs can’t reach is futile. To clarify, it seems the pack of Attack Dogs has the ability to climb ladders, teleport and even fly. 

As a result of Attack Dogs requiring 10 consecutive kills, they should be a powerful killstreak. However, allowing Attack Dogs to distort the boundaries of Vanguard’s physical mechanics is probably not an intentional decision from the developers

This isn’t the first case of Vanguard killstreaks malfunctioning. Another killstreak with a similarly wonky mechanic is the Care Package. For instance, if you call in a Care Package, there is a strong chance its tendency to roll over after landing will result in your death.

In addition to weird killstreak animations, players have discovered that some of Vanguard’s killstreaks are extremely poorly designed. The Mortar Barrage will annoyingly cause excessive shaking to your camera. Likewise, the Bombing Run is designed to target friendly users.

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games / Activision