Vanguard devs remove new update after it breaks the game

Vanguard update crash

The roller-coaster of emotions continues as an exciting new Vanguard update is pulled by Sledgehammer following the discovery of a major issue.

If you were hoping to take advantage of Double XP on the newly reintroduced Ship Haus Playlist, you’re definitely out of luck. The Secrets from the Pacific update went live at 6 PM GMT / 1 PM EST. Sledgehammer had no choice but to pull the update after discovering it was causing widespread game crashes.

A massive number of players reported issues with their game crashing after attempting to try out the new playlist in Vanguard. This major Vanguard issue is happening on all platforms across all game modes.

Call of Duty: Vanguard update removed

Vanguard players battling in Shipment

The crash occurs during matches and kicks players all the way back to their platform’s home screen. Players believe the crash occurs when calling in the Attack Dogs killstreak.

To the relief of Call of Duty players, Sledgehammer has stated that they are well aware of the issue and currently working on a fix. By pulling the update, the devs have made the game playable once more. Certainly, players will be eager to jump into the widely popular Ship Haus playlist.

Here’s what Sledgehammer had to say about the update.

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After the playlist and Double XP weekend came to an end on November 21, Vanguard players were disappointed and demanded the playlist return.

Over the weekend most players enjoyed the benefits of Double Weapon XP. Moreover, seeing as it is incredibly difficult to level up weapons in Vanguard, players dedicated their weekend to the grind.

Secrets of the Pacific is a joint Warzone and Vanguard update. As fans eagerly await the launch of the Warzone Pacific map, players have been able to enjoy Warzone events that aim to bid goodbye to Verdansk.

Hopefully, Vanguard players won’t have to wait too long to jump back into their favorite playlist. With Sledgehammer actively working on a fix, we can expect an announcement shortly.

Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games