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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Fan-favorite playlist and double XP now live in Vanguard

Vanguard players will be able to benefit from the tandem of the new close-quarters playlist Ship Haus and double XP.



Vanguard double xp Ship Haus

Shipment and Das Haus combine for Ship Haus playlist just one day after Shipment made its Vanguard debut.

Vanguard players cannot get enough of close-quarters maps. Small maps are usually well-liked by Call of Duty players due to the high engagement rate and overall chaos that takes place. Vanguard introduced us to Das Haus. The map has since cemented itself in Call of Duty history as an all-time favorite.

On November 17, Vanguard produced yet another iconic Call of Duty map in Shipment. Although fans were sad to see the Das Haus 24/7 playlist go, they welcomed the Shipment playlist with open arms. Little did they know, Sledgehammer had a surprise lying in wait.

Introducing Ship Haus & double XP

Vanguard double xp

You can now enjoy the Ship Haus playlist. This playlist consists of a rotation of game modes on both the adored Das Haus and Shipment maps. Players no longer have to choose between the two as their favorite Vanguard map.

The enjoyability factor of close-quarters maps has recently skyrocketed. Along with the new playlist, Vanguard devs have also released a patch that has effectively nerfed all Vanguard Shotguns. Keep in mind, Shotguns should still dominate tight spaces but hopefully the devs have done enough to alleviate the problem to a degree.

With double XP currently active, now is the perfect time to grind Vanguard. You can expect double player, battlepass, clan, operator, and most importantly weapon XP. This is a much-needed inclusion given how long it takes to level up weapons this year. No word yet on how long we can expect these features. Make sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

Although this announcement is sure to make most extremely happy, there is still a specific group of Vanguard players that are unable to enjoy the new addition. Sledgehammer continues to ignore players who prefer to play Hardcore modes. As of yet, none of the new playlists are available in Hardcore modes.

In addition to this ongoing problem, Vanguard players seem baffled by the score limit plaguing the Team Deathmatch mode on Shipment. Due to the constant gunfights, the games tend to end way too quickly. Hopefully, Sledgehammer is open to upping the score limit for matches played on the Shipment map.

Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games