Vanguard devs finally fix Atomic camo’s most frustrating challenge

Luca Di Marzo
Atomic Camo and Vanguard characters running

Vanguard players can finally return to the Atomic camo grind without losing their minds.

One of the most exciting aspects of a new Call of Duty game is grinding for Mastery camos. It didn’t take long for Vanguard players to notice that some of the challenges were absurdly difficult

They were more than just difficult as the nature of some challenges along the way made absolutely no sense. It seems Sledgehammer agrees with this sentiment as they’ve dialed back their requirements. 

Mp40 with vanguard atomic mastery camo

The major change here alleviates the need for point-blank kills. Players were incredibly frustrated with how close they had to get to an enemy for the challenge to register a point-blank kill. Instead, players are now expected to gather close-range kills. 

This essentially makes the challenge in question way more forgiving. This is fantastic news for players who aim to not only unlock the Gold Mastery camo for specific guns but also for those who are grinding to unlock the sought-after Atomic Mastery camo, which is the result of earning Gold for every weapon.

Hopefully, this becomes a trend for Sledgehammer as they continue to judge their initial requirements as too harsh. For instance, a lot of players are asking for a similar change to some of the cruel Sniper camo challenges. 

Don’t confuse this issue with the camo challenge tracker issues. These are two entirely different problems that had an impact on camo challenges. Players got their hands on Vanguard with a ton of bugs and glitches. One of these glitches prevented camo challenges from tracking. 

Over the past week, players have brought several issues to the attention of the developers. Luckily for Vanguard players, Sledgehammer has done their best to fix as many as they can with the latest patch on November 11. Although, Sledgehammer Games hasn’t addressed every bug yet. 

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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