Vanguard devs confirm buff for Ray Gun Wonder Weapon

Ray gun in Vanguard

The Ray Gun was finally added to Vanguard’s Zombies mode after the Season 2 update, but it left players feeling a little underwhelmed. Now, Treyarch have confirmed the Wonder Weapon will get a damage boost thanks to an upcoming buff.

Vanguard Season 2 brought some fun changes to the game’s Zombies mode, including finally adding Wonder Weapons like the Decimator Shield, as well as the return of the Ray Gun.

Shortly after the Ray Gun’s arrival in Vanguard Zombies Season 2, players reported that the weapon wasn’t performing particularly well, and the developers have now confirmed that buff is on its way.

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firing a ray gun in vanguard zombies

According to the official description of the Ray Gun, it should be able to “tear zombies apart in just one shot,” but Vanguard players noticed that enemies could tank one or two shots even in the early rounds.

It became obvious that the Wonder Weapon was operating at less than full capacity, and this caught the attention of the developers who swiftly responded to the issue by confirming an upcoming fix.

Treaych tweeted on February 14: “We’re planning on increasing the Ray Gun’s effectiveness in an upcoming Vanguard Zombies update. Stay tuned!” So, we’ll see the weapon perform properly as soon as the new patch arrives.

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The Ray Gun Wonder Weapon has been featured in every Zombies mode in the Call of Duty franchise since World at War, so players had been waiting a while for it to finally arrive in Vanguard.

This Wonder Weapon can fire 20 blasts before reloading and you can upgrade this to 40 with the Pack-a-Punch machine, so it should be a powerhouse in Zombies mode, and the upcoming buffs will hopefully make it into one.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as this new update arrives and for more Vanguard content, check out our article on whether or not Vanguard Zombies Camos are coming to Warzone Pacific as well as these CoD leaks that the Warzone 2 map is in the desert.

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Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch / Sledgehammer Games