Rumor: CoD 2021’s Zombies mode co-developed by Treyarch & Sledgehammer Games

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A new rumor sheds some light about what to expect for Call of Duty 2021’s upcoming co-op modes, which Activision has not officially announced as of now.

The new rumor claims that the 2021 game’s co-op mode will be a Zombies mode, which would be expected for Sledgehammer Games, as all of their Call of Duty titles have had some form of Zombies.

However, the new information suggests that the Zombies mode for the 2021 game is being developed in partnership with Treyarch.

The rumor comes from @Cheezburgerboyz in a tweet, which was also reported on by @InfoCODEsp_. In a tweet, he asked Treyarch for a “year 2” of Cold War Zombies, but certain accounts have stated that he is implying that Treyarch’s already working on Zombies with Sledgehammer.

Another leak account followed up clarifying exactly what he meant.

This information of course has not been officially confirmed. If it is in fact true, it would be a major development change for Activision as a whole.

While studios have supported other studios with development, Treyarch usually sticks to developing their own Zombies modes for their titles. And what this means for the future of Treyarch Zombies in their own games also remains to be seen.

Some have speculated that Treyarch’s Zombies team assisting Sledgehammer Games for 2021 game is a reason why Cold War’s Zombies support has been all over the place. The studio did recently detail in depth info on what’s to come for Cold War Zombies, including a new DLC map with Season 4 and more Outbreak content.

Activision, as always, does not comment on rumors or speculation about upcoming titles.

The company has only confirmed so far that the 2021 game’s development is being led by Sledgehammer Games and said Sledgehammer Games has a ‘very talented studio’ that has been rebuilt over the last few years.

Activision executives also mentioned that the game is being “built for next-generation experiences” across its “campaign, multiplayer, and co-op” modes. The executives did not state what the co-op mode will be for now.

Sledgehammer Games’ last title was Call of Duty: WWII in 2017 which featured its own Zombies mode with its own storyline and characters.

The 2021 Call of Duty game is rumored to be called Call of Duty: Vanguard and take place during World War II era, similar to 2017’s game.

We also don’t expect Activision to reveal Call of Duty 2021 anytime soon. In the past, the company would reveal games in May with launch in November. After Warzone’s launch and success, Activision has been taking their time to reveal games and letting the current game – along with Warzone – have more time to breathe. Cold War was revealed in August 2020.

As always, stay tuned for the latest on Call of Duty 2021.

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