How to get exclusive Vanguard skins with new Operator XP system

Hamza Khalid
Polina Petrova operator in Vanguard

CoD: Vanguard will come with a new progression system that revolves around Operators, granting players some exclusive skins. Here’s everything we know about the Vanguard Operator XP system.

There is a ton of hype for the launch of CoD: Vanguard, as the upcoming title will add a brand-new campaignzombies mode perks, and RICOCHET anti-cheat system. Now, another new feature has been revealed.

Vanguard players will be able to earn rewards in a new type of progression system. This is focused on Operators and will allow players to unlock some neat skins by earning Operator XP.

What is Operator XP in Vanguard?

CoD Vanguard Arthur Kingsley skins

Progression systems in the Call of Duty franchise have evolved over the years and players can earn different types of experience. Weapon XP is earned by going through the individual tiers of each weapon.

Similarly, Operator XP will let you level up certain characters after you play as them in the game’s multiplayer offering. This applies to the Operators available at launch along with the ones that will be added later.

Leveling up each character grants you some new skins for them. Sergeant Arthur Kingsley has a few different looks that you can unlock, and Activision have teased that the highest tier unlocks will grant you a “special Gold attire.”

The skins range from simple recolors of existing outfits to some unique and creative cosmetic designs.

How to earn Operator XP in Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Operator

You can earn Operator XP by simply playing the game, completing matches, and racking up some kills. The more time you spend playing as one character, the further you will get through their progression system.

If you want to speed things up a bit then you can try using the Operator’s favorite weapon. For example, Polina Petrova is a sniper so you can use a Sniper Rifle loadout for additional Operator XP along with bonus weapon XP.

Vanguard will launch with 12 confirmed characters, and the developers will be adding even more in each season. It remains to be seen exactly how many levels each Operator will have a launch.

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Image Credits: Activision