Frustrating Vanguard Zombies glitch makes it impossible to unlock Plague Diamond camo

Liam Mackay
Zombies in CoD Vanguard

CoD Vanguard offers Zombies fans and completionists unique Mastery Camos, but a frustrating glitch is making Plague Diamond impossible to unlock — even though they’ve completed the challenges.

Unlocking Vanguard’s Atomic camo is a lengthy grind, but only the most dedicated players unlock the Mastery Camos across both multiplayer and Zombies. Unfortunately, tons of players have struggled to unlock these Mastery Camos thanks to bugs and glitches.

While the majority of these issues seem to be fixed, Zombies players are still struggling to unlock all of the camos, as even though they’ve completed the necessary challenges, Plague Diamond is still locked.

Plague Diamond Mastery Camo on STG44 in CoD Vanguard Zombies

‘NiktoFSB’ took to the Vanguard subreddit to report that the Plague Diamond Zombies camo didn’t unlock even though they had completed all of the required challenges. As proof, they showed that they had unlocked the Golden Viper camo for six weapons, but they still didn’t have access to Plague Diamond.

Other players put forward a few ideas about what’s causing the issue. Some believe that the devs changing the multiplayer longshot challenge may have caused the issue, while others said that the DLC SMGs like the Welgun and Armaguerra don’t count, so you need to use the base weapons.

Sledgehammer Games had a constant battle with camo challenges for Vanguard’s first few months, as players couldn’t progress certain challenges. While most of them have now been fixed, this appears to prove that camo challenges still aren’t tracking as intended.

The bugged camos aren’t ruining the experience for everyone, though. Two users in the comments claimed that unlocking Golden Viper for a single SMG unlocked the Plague Diamond camo as well, seemingly without them having to unlock Gold for the others.

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Image Credit: Activision