CoD: Vanguard players upset with broken 2XP on Shipment & Das Haus

Hamza Khalid
shipment in Vanguard

After a brief hiatus, Shipment & Das Haus have returned to Vanguard for the holiday weekend. However, players are frustrated that double XP tokens aren’t working properly in the Ship Haus playlist.

Vanguard’s Ship Haus playlist lets players battle it out on the chaotic Shipment and Das Haus maps. When this playlist disappeared on November 21, players begged Sledgehammer to bring it back.

On November 24, Ship Haus and Double XP made their return to Vanguard for Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately, players have noticed that the 2XP tokens are broken in the playlist, and not giving out the juicy rewards they should do.

Ship Haus playlist in Vanguard

Shortly after the return of both of those maps, ModernWarzone warned Vanguard players that Double Weapon XP was not working properly in the game’s Ship Haus playlist.

“It gives significantly less weapon XP than all of the other maps available in the game currently,” they tweeted on November 25. “No one knows whether this is a bug or intentional.”

They told fans to try their luck with other playlists for the time being. Some players expressed their disappointment with the broken 2XP tokens in the replies, claiming that this change makes “makes zero sense.”

This isn’t the only problem players have faced since the developers brought back the Ship Haus playlist for Thanksgiving, as many are fed up with the game mode rotation of Shipment since its return.

The reason most people jump into this playlist so often is to level up weapons, as matches are fast-paced with more action than other maps. So, it’s understandable why many players are complaining about the broken state of 2XP tokens.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen when exactly the developers will implement a fix for this issue. Until then, players will just have to settle for grinding for weapon XP on other maps in the game.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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