CoD: Vanguard players not happy to see killstreaks: “Another year of ignoring the OBJ”

Zackerie Fairfax
call of duty vanguard minigun killstreaks

Following the Vanguard multiplayer reveal, a portion of players is upset at the inclusion of the killstreak system.

Sledgehammer Games debuted the Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer mode during a presentation on September 7, 2021. A flashy trailer kicked off the event giving an in-depth look at Vanguard’s multiplayer experience.

Activision invited content creators and streamers to an early session of the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta. Most creators, including TimTheTatman, were very positive about the experience. However, some players are not happy about a few gameplay items.

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Vanguard features new and updated perks, a new arsenal of weaponry, and killstreaks. However, it’s not the changes to perks or weapons that bother players. It’s the killstreaks that have a portion of the community up in arms.

call of duty vanguard mp40

Players aren’t happy with Vanguard killstreaks

Reddit user u/lulzPIE published a now-removed post to r/CODVanguard. In the post, lulzPIE expressed why they weren’t happy with killstreaks. They claimed that killstreaks meant “another year ignoring the objective.”

Many comments shared this sentiment and expressed their disappointment in killstreaks. It seems as if killstreaks encourage players to ignore the objective in objective-based game modes. Instead, kill-hungry players will go out of their way to rack up kills instead of score points.

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Several comments claimed that a large portion of the player base doesn’t care about actually winning. Instead, most players focus on getting the highest number of kills. While objective-based game modes ignore kill count, players choose these game modes because player movement is more predictable.

Other comments suggested that scorestreaks take the place of killstreaks in objective modes. This would reward players for focus on the objective and punish those who ignore it.

But what do you think? Will killstreaks ruin objective-based modes, or is the community overreacting? Let us know your thoughts on our Charlie INTEL Facebook Page and Charlie INTEL Twitter Page!

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Image Credits: Activision