Warzone 2 players fear for upcoming ranked mode as cheaters dominate MW2 Ranked Play

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 cdl operator in ranked play

Warzone 2 players are worried about the battle royale’s upcoming ranked mode, as cheaters run rampant on Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play.

Warzone 2 is set to get its very own ranked mode after players had been calling for a competitive aspect to the battle royale since WZ1.

This has left players intrigued by what the Warzone 2 ranked mode will look like, and since the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 update introduced Ranked Play for multiplayer, the community are looking at that as a point of reference.

Unfortunately, players feel Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play isn’t exactly setting the best example, as fans express their fears for Warzone 2’s future ranked mode due to the high volume of cheaters in Ranked Play.

Popular Warzone 2 content creator IceManIsaac expressed his worries about the upcoming Warzone 2 ranked mode on Twitter, as he said “you have to pay $59.99 to play Modern Warfare 2 ranked and cheaters are RAMPANT…what does this mean for the future of free to play Warzone 2 ranked?”

Despite cheat sellers being liable to pay $3 million in damages to Activision after the developers took legal action, cheaters continue to ruin the online experience for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

It’s made worse when cheaters are running riot in MW2’s Ranked Play, as it is supposed to be a competitive space where players test their skills in a fair and balanced environment. With players feeling that cheaters are staining the space, IceManIsaac and others are worried about Warzone 2’s ranked mode.

One comment under the post even says “it’s already f**king chalked and it hasn’t even dropped.”

IceManIsaac threw a few suggestions out there so that the issue is less prominent, mentioning South Korea’s “gov ID associated with one account only” system, as well as potentially making players pay for ranked to “deter some repeat cheaters.”

The content creator also hopes that Warzone 2’s ranked mode has a “system where if you die to someone who was later found to be cheating, you get your SR loss negated.”

It will be extremely difficult to completely rid both games of cheaters, but a comment under the post features many suggestions such as “a minimum level” to play which could reduce the number of cheaters, especially in higher ranks.

We’ll have to wait and see how Warzone 2’s ranked mode deals with cheaters when it launches. For now, check out why players are furious with the devs and the fastest long-range TTK loadout in Season 2.

Image Credits: Activision