Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 players reveal the crossover they want the most

Hamza Khalid
Levi in Warzone

The Call of Duty franchise has featured a few memorable crossovers, and players have revealed which one they want to see the most in Modern Warfare 2 as well as Warzone 2.

Call of Duty titles like Warzone and Vanguard have treated fans to fun content through crossovers with popular franchises like Godzilla vs Kong, Umbrella Academy, and Attack on Titan.

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 on the horizon, players are wondering if the developers have more collaboration plans. Now, the community has revealed which crossover it would enjoy seeing the most.

Reddit user ‘DlanJKGL’ shared an edited image showcasing movie star Keanu Reeves in an Operator outfit. The player then jokingly stated that this is all fans “want in Warzone 2 and MW2.”

Since this was clearly shared in good fun, many of the commenters found the idea of this crossover extremely amusing. One user even suggested adding a Gun guitar custom emote as a reference to Keanu’s role in Bill and Ted film series.

However, a few commenters were genuinely on board with the idea of having the actor in the Warzone and Modern Warfare sequels. One player made it clear that adding Neo from the Matrix would be an “instant buy” for them.

Some users in the thread argued that it would be better if the developers added Keanu as the character John Wick instead. They even suggested that the Operator should come with voice lines from the movie series.

One example of this was the Operator saying “Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back” after being revived by teammates. This led to a response from another player stating that they would get goosebumps if the devs implemented John Wick quotes in the game.

Currently, John Wick 4 is set to release on March 24, 2023, and one of the commenters pointed out that it’s possible for the developers to bring a crossover in both games around that time as well.

However, since the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 teams haven’t announced any plans to bring Keanu Reeve to either game, this is all wishful thinking at this point.

That said, it’s worth remembering that John Wick was added as a cosmetic skin to Fortnite back in 2019. Keanu Reeves also played the character of Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077, so it wouldn’t too surprising if the actor also appears in the Call of Duty series.

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