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Activision claim “high-profile” CoD streamers are hacking in lawsuit against notorious cheat-seller

As Activision ramp up their lawsuit against a notable cheat seller, they’ve claimed that “high-profile streamers” are hacking.



Warzone player in Caldera

Activision have ramped up their lawsuit against a prolific cheat-selling company, and have claimed that “high-profile streamers” use their hacks in Call of Duty.

Cheating has been an issue in Call of Duty for a long time but became distinctly more noticeable with Warzone’s free-to-play launch in March 2020. Since then, Activision have banned well over 900,000 accounts, took down cheat provider CrazyAim, and launched their very own RICOCHET anti-cheat.

RICOCHET has been considered a success by players, and Activision are pressing on with their lawsuit against the infamous cheat-selling website EngineOwning.

The lawsuit began back in January 2022 and ramped up in September, with Activision identifying the names of the owners of the company and asking the court to force the sellers to hand over all of their profits.

In that same update filed in September 2022, Activision have claimed that “high-profile streamers” are using the hacking software to cheat in Call of Duty.

Excerpt from Activision's lawsuit against cheat-sellers claiming that "high-profile streamers" cheat

Within this document, Activision said that the cheat sellers “conduct extensive business” in California and the US, and “among the customers of the Cheating Software are high-profile streamers of the COD Games who reside in the United States.”

Activision didn’t name or allude to any specific streamer in their lawsuit, they simply claimed that high-profile players are purchasing hacks from the cheat-sellers.

While top streamers often face cheating accusations from members of the community, none of these players have been banned so have likely passed internal checks. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this lawsuit isn’t just for Warzone, but CoD games such as Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, and even Overwatch.

As Activision’s efforts against Call of Duty cheat-sellers continue, they have have promised an “upgraded” RICOCHET in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Image Credit: Activision