TimTheTatman won’t stream Modern Warfare 2 because of one major problem with the game

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Modern Warfare 2 is going to be one of 2022’s biggest titles that will have people flocking in droves, but TimTheTatman thinks a major problem is holding it back.

There is set to be a ton of competition for Modern Warfare 2 in the 2022 Holiday period with a boatload of AAA games competing against one another.

Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 is already off to a positive start though thanks to the early launch of its stellar campaign. The thrills and spills of the latest Call of Duty action extravaganza have enthralled players – especially with its exciting climactic ending.

The game’s multiplayer is set to go live on October 28, 2022, but popular streamer TimTheTatman has discussed why the allure of MW2 online probably isn’t for him.

Known for his love of Warzone, and the upcoming Warzone 2, Tim barely frequented the previous release on stream, Vanguard, and has said that he will “grind off-stream” to get himself “those camos.”

He makes his view about Modern Warfare 2 clear almost immediately: “I will probably stream MW2 for a day. I can’t stream multiplayer. If I’m not enjoying what I’m doing it, then I can’t stream it. The only reason [he plays multiplayer] is for the camos.”

Tim does go on to say that he loves Search and Destroy, but the battle royale concept and craze has changed his outlook on streaming.

Things do take a turn and get quite interesting when Tim says he’d play more CoD multiplayer if it wasn’t for one key thing: “Can I be completely honest with you guys, if SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) wasn’t a thing I would stream multiplayer.”

He explains that SBMM is “killing video games as a whole” and that he’s constantly “playing against gigasweats with no rating.”

He hammers home the point that SBMM should be reserved for Ranked Play only, and not casual game/quick play.

This is a sentiment that has been agreed by dozens of other top streamers and CoD pros who just want to enjoy easy games of Call of Duty, experiment, and have fun without having to battle players of a similar skill level each and every game.

It’s an argument that seems like it will go on for a long time, but until the issue is addressed further, check out the latest DMZ leaks and the rumors of Modern Warfare 2 having Zombies.

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