Secret Modern Warfare 2 Black Ops Easter egg found on Warzone anniversary Blueprint

Nathan Warby
Alex Mason from CoD Black Ops

Infinity Ward are handing Modern Warfare 2 players a free Weapon Blueprint to celebrate three years since Warzone originally launched, and fans have spotted a cool Easter Egg paying homage to the Black Ops games.

Modern Warfare 2 offers players a number of different ways to show off their personality in each match, from building their custom loadouts to Operator skins that can be unlocked or purchased from the store.

There’s also a host of Weapon Blueprints that completely change the look of the gun, featuring a number of colorful designs. To celebrate three years since the original game’s launch, the devs are handing out a Weapon Blueprint to all players for free.

Once Modern Warfare 2 fans began claiming the reward, it didn’t take long for them to discover the Black Ops Easter egg hidden in the Blueprint.

Twitter user ‘ModenasHD’ revealed that equipping a Mastery Camo to the Memory Maker Blueprint will cause a series of glowing numbers to appear on your weapon, in what is a clear nod to the original Black Ops campaign.

We’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to reveal the Black Ops Camo Easter egg on the Warzone anniversary Blueprint below.

How to see Black Ops Easter egg on Warzone anniversary Blueprint

  1. Head to the CoD Store and claim the Memory Maker Weapon Blueprint.
  2. Equip the Blueprint in one of your loadout slots.
  3. Head into the Gunsmith and go into the Camos menu.
  4. Select either Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, or Orion.
  5. This will reveal the Black Ops numbers on your weapon.

This trick only seems to work when one of the four Mastery Camos are equipped, and the numbers don’t appear when using the regular Memory Maker Blueprint camo or another one of your unlocked camos.

The story of the first Black Ops title revolved around one of the player characters, Alex Mason, as he tried to recall specific numbers from his time imprisoned in Vorkuta, Russia.

He would often see visions of the digits in a scribbled red font, just like the ones that now appear on the Memory Maker Blueprint.

While this free reward is supposed to be celebrating the history of Warzone and the last three years of matches on Verdansk, Caldera, and Al Mazrah, fans will no doubt appreciate this subtle nod to a fan-favorite entry in the CoD series.

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