Modern Warfare 2’s weapon progression makes leveling up guns much easier

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 FJX Cinder weapon vault barrels

Call of Duty players were frustrated with Vanguard’s 70 levels for each weapon, but changes to the Gunsmith in Modern Warfare 2 make leveling up guns much easier.

Modern Warfare 2 arrives on October 28, with players able to jump into the beta following September 15’s Call of Duty Next event. Ahead of all of the major multiplayer and Warzone 2 reveals, Infinity Ward explained how the brand-new Gunsmith system will work.

The Gunsmith 2.0 brings weapon Platforms, where weapons can be changed into another within the same family, sharing attachments. That’s not all though, as some attachments can be unlocked for every single gun in the game regardless of the Platform.

For example, “there’s no need to unlock the SZ Reflex Optic or Echoline GS-X Suppressor 40 different times – you only need to unlock them once through the M4 Progression track to make them available for all weapons in Modern Warfare.”

Infinity Ward explained that “depending on the attachment, it is either unlocked for all weapons within a Platform, or unlocked for ALL weapons in the entire game.” So, while some attachments are Platform-specific, others will go onto any weapon in the game.

Modern Warfare 2 FJX Cinder weapon vault attachments

The devs said players can “expect reduced repetitiveness and reasonable challenges to unlock attachments and camouflage.”

Starting with a new weapon is often a frustrating experience, especially if you’re a Warzone-only player who can’t grind out the small maps. Now, you don’t have to unlock the same optic again and again, and even if you’ve never used the weapon you’ll be able to equip some attachments to make the early levels much easier.

If you’ve pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2’s Vault Edition, you’ll also get to experiment with the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault in the beta, where each attachment features the same Blueprint design.

Image Credit: Activision

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