Modern Warfare 2’s missing Grand Prix map reportedly returns at launch after “issues” resolved

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 Marina Bay Grand Prix map

Modern Warfare 2 players were excited to jump into the Marina Bay Grand Prix map with the beta but were left confused when it was removed from all marketing and wasn’t playable in the beta. However, it will reportedly be there at launch after its issues were resolved.

One of Modern Warfare 2‘s most highly praised aspects were the maps, being much more colorful with a more traditional design philosophy than Modern Warfare 2019. Players got a chance to experience Breenbergh Hotel, Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, and Valderas Museum in the beta, but one highly anticipated map was missingMarina Bay Grand Prix.

Players were treated to a complete overview of the Grand Prix map which was confirmed to arrive in the beta. But, it was spotted in mid-September that Activision had deleted all mentions of the map.

Nobody knows what actually happened to the Grand Prix map, but many have speculated that it was removed due to a licensing agreement or that its clear inspiration from the Marina Bay Street Circuit track in Singapore caused issues. Or, the map might have just not been in a fit state to go live during the beta, so was held back while fixes were worked on.

Whatever these issues were are reportedly resolved, with well-known Call of Duty insider TheGhostOfHope claiming that “Grand Prix will be playable at launch” after “issues surrounding the map were resolved.”

Most of Modern Warfare 2’s maps will take place in either Al Mazrah in Western Asia or Las Almas in Central America. But if Grand Prix returns, it will be one of the recently announced “rest of the world” maps that “round out the Modern Warfare II universe with glimpses of what is happening outside of Al Mazrah and Las Almas.”

This is only a leak for now, so because we haven’t heard anything official about Grand Prix since August, we’ll need to wait for further news from Activision as they’ll be detailing the maps ahead of launch.

Two more maps will also arrive throughout Season 1, with one arriving on November 16 and another with Season 1 Reloaded on December 14.

Image Credit: Activision

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