Modern Warfare 2 players mock Shoot the Ship mode for favoring one map

Nathan Warby
Shoot House map in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 players were delighted when the popular Shoot the Ship playlist returned to the game, but many are starting to believe that the mode is favoring one of the maps in its rotation.

Modern Warfare 2 offers no shortage of maps and modes to put players to the test. The latest CoD entry launched with a stacked lineup of playlists, including the new Prisoner Rescue and Knockout modes, and a selection of 15 maps.

With the Season 1 and Season 1 Reloaded updates, camo grinders were pleased to see both Shipment and Shoot House thrown into the mix. Then the devs took things one step further, bringing back the iconic Shoot the Ship playlist after a community vote.

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But after hopping into the close-quarters playlist for the first time in Modern Warfare 2, players are convinced that something isn’t right.

Shoot the Ship exclusively rotates Shipment and Shoot House over a variety of different game modes, which players use as a fast way to level up guns and work towards camos. However, despite there only being two maps that could show up, fans are noticing that Shoot House is much more common that Shipment.

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Shortly after the playlist went live, the MW2 subreddit was littered with posts claiming that Shipment had already become a distant memory.

“They should rename this playlist 99% Shoot House 1% Shipment lol,” said ‘ChiliSwap,’ before adding: “I think I’ve queued this up like 8 times and haven’t gotten Shipment once.”

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Another user named ‘slimecounty’ even went as far as showing their recent matches. They provided a screenshot from “an hour of Shoot the Ship,” and again Shipment was nowhere to be seen.

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Instead, they were treated to six Shoot House matches back to back, with only the mode changing between games.

Other players responded calling for Shoot the Ship to take inspiration from Ship Haus in CoD Vanguard, which saw Shipment in rotation with Das Haus.

“At least Vanguard used to alternate the map between Shipment and Das Haus if you stayed in the queue,” said ‘grove39.’ “Shoot the Ship doesn’t do that at all.”

It’s been a long-running joke within the CoD community that Shoot the Ship is weighted towards the Shoot House, and it certainly seems like players believe it’s happening again in Modern Warfare 2.

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