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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2’s playlist updates will be decided by the players

Modern Warfare 2 devs Infinity Ward have confirmed that fans will be able to vote for the modes included in playlist updates going forward.



Modern Warafre 2 player in Prisoner Rescue mode

Modern Warfare 2 developers Infinity Ward have revealed that players will be able to choose which game modes are added in playlist updates going forward.

Modern Warfare 2 launched with a whole host of different game modes to try out, including new additions like Prisoner Rescue and Knockout. The introduction of new maps with each update has also opened the door for new playlists to choose from, such as Shipment 24/7.

On top of the core selection of modes, Infinity Ward also like to keep things fresh with a playlist update every Thursday, adding and removing certain modes to give players more variety.

Now, the developer has confirmed that players will be able to have their say on these playlist updates and decide which modes are tagged in.

On January 25, a blog post arrived detailing all of the major changes set to arrive in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, after the update was delayed by two weeks. It gave an insight into a number of changes to coming to MW2 multiplayer, including the return of Hardcore and the new Ranked Play mode.

The blog also announced that fans will be able to vote for the modes included in playlist updates via Twitter, giving them even more control over what they play.

It said: “One week per month, Infinity Ward will be creating a Twitter Poll for fans to vote on one of that week’s playlists from a rotating pool.”

The devs seem to have trialed this idea already, as a Twitter poll asking players to choose between, Shoot House, Shipment, and Shoot the Ship was published on January 24, with the latter coming out on top and being added to the game.

While it won’t be down to the community to choose what’s included in every single playlist update, this is a smart way to ensure that popular modes arrive in Modern Warfare 2 regularly enough to keep the player base satisfied.

However, the choices will still be dictated by the developers and they can still use the remaining playlist updates each month to experiment with brand-new modes. Hopefully, it leads to a nice balance of fresh and fan-favorite modes going forward.

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Image credit: Activision