Modern Warfare 2 players discover secret new year Easter Egg

Hamza Khalid
Party Popper .50gs blueprint in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 will receive plenty of fun new additions this year, and players have noticed a fun New Year Easter Egg that the developers added to celebrate the arrival of 2023.

2023 promises to be an exciting year for the Modern Warfare 2 community as the Season 2 update is set to arrive at the start of February, and the developers will continue to keep the game fresh with new updates throughout the year.

Leaks have revealed new weapons that may be arriving soon, and Ranked Play is slated for a 2023 release. Players have plenty to be excited about, and the developers have added an Easter Egg to welcome the start of the new year.

As Reddit user ‘TNT_Jonathan’ pointed out, when you take out an enemy that’s standing in front of a wall, their blood splatter will spell out a message on the surface of the structure behind them.

It will either read “Happy New Year” or “23” to commemorate 2023. The image shared by the Redditor in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit shows the second message written in blood on a wall next to an eliminated enemy.

In the comments, TNT_Jonathan elaborated: “It works for either of the two New Year bundle weapons. Either Blueprint can get the two blood splatters. The 23 is way more common than Happy New Year from my testing. “

In celebration of the new year, the Modern Warfare 2 developers released the Tracer Pack which contains the Countdown Lachmann-556 and Party Popper .50 GS Weapon Blueprints. You can get this Easter Egg when using either one of these.

The Redditor added that this can also be done when the enemy isn’t next to a wall as the blood pattern can splatter to the ground when you shoot from above. Using the M13B from the Klaus Operator bundle also has a similar effect where it spells the word “Naughty” in blood.

Modern Warfare 2 Countdown Lachmann-556 weapon blueprint

Another user pointed out that a similar feature was also in Modern Warfare 2019. They explained: “There was a weed-themed bundle that came with the Rytec and it would leave a big pot leaf of blood spatter.”

While there’s no combat advantage in trying this, it’s still a fun detail that’s worth checking out the next time you hop into Modern Warfare 2. With 2023 just beginning, we may see even more fun surprises pop up in the game throughout the year.

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Image credits: Activision