Modern Warfare 2 players call out missing classic features at launch

Joseph Pascoulis
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Modern Warfare 2 has officially launched, and while the game offers a variety of modes to enjoy, players are noticing several missing features at launch.

Modern Warfare 2 has finally landed, giving those hungry Call of Duty fans a fix of multiplayer, campaign, and even spec ops, with Warzone 2 set to arrive at the start of Season 1 on November 16.

While the devs did introduce a variety of launch day fixes, including improvements to the footstep audio, players have expressed disappointment with crashing and the UI.

Players are claiming that the game has launched with a variety of missing features for multiplayer that would usually be seen on day one of a Call of Duty launch.

Modern Warfare 2 players call out missing features

Reddit user blazeryan11 shared a list of missing features from Modern Warfare 2 that players would usually expect to see in multiplayer for launch. These missing features include a Hardcore mode, leaderboards, stats, and barracks, as well as “Camo Unlock Notifications In-Game.”

The OP asks that Infinity Ward “release that Day 1 Patch now,” disappointed that the game has been “in development for 3 years,” but is missing all of the features listed.

Another Reddit user shares similar opinions, also putting up a post that says “did they forget to ship a massive chunk of Multiplayer?”

The user asks where Barracks, stats, Career Challenges, Calling Cards, Emblems, Blueprints, and even the in-game camo unlock notifications are, “confused” as to why these features are missing from launch.

The OP finds it “bizarre to take away or hold back the things that retain players” and gives them something to “work towards” and grind.

Of course, the game still has a lot to offer with its first season set to launch on November 16, bringing Warzone 2 along with it. However, the community is clearly disappointed to see so many classic Call of Duty multiplayer features not in Modern Warfare 2 at launch.

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