Modern Warfare 2 players beg devs for map vote system

Andrew Highton
santa sena border crossing map in modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has a solid selection of maps that the matchmaking system will decide between, but players think it’s time that the ability to vote for the next map is long overdue.

In the early Call of Duty games, map voting simply wasn’t a thing. But over time, things changed so that players were able to cast their vote on one of two random maps, and even three maps at times too.

However, Modern Warfare 2 has gone retro in this respect and made it so that the game’s matchmaking system will just automatically pick one of the game’s many maps for the lobby.

With one or two maps that aren’t as well-liked as others, MW2 players think the devs need to add a map voting feature in the event that one of these maps shows up to save players exiting a lobby immediately.

Modern Warfare 2 Reddit user fin464 said it quite clearly in a recent post on the game’s subreddit: “Please add a voting system.” Not only that, but they paired the post with an image of the infamous Santa Sena Border Crossing map and the act of someone leaving a lobby.

“This is the only map I genuinely despise enough to just leave whenever I see it. All the others are fine to play, but I’ve been blown up by cars enough for one lifetime,” said one player.

There’s also a belief that backing out of a game doesn’t work anyway: “I always end up back on the same map if I back out of the lobby, anyone else?” one player explained.

On the contrary, the devs have claimed in the past that the reason there’s no map voting is that certain maps in the game would be played less, and one player seemed to vouch for this: “If there was voting, we’d play the same couple of maps all the time and I’d prefer some diversity for better or worse. A better solution would be to have a separate playlist with some of the favorite maps.”

Above else, it seems that matchmaking isn’t necessarily high on the devs’ Modern Warfare 2 agenda, so it could either be a while until we see it implemented or possibly never at all.

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Image Credit: Activision

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