Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer introduces two new modes: Knockout and Prisoner Rescue explained

Matt Porter
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Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer introduces two brand-new modes for players to compete in, with Gunfight-esque Knockout and Rainbow Six Siege-inspired Prisoner Rescue joining the fray.

We’re officially on the road to Modern Warfare 2, with the first gameplay trailer dropping on June 8, along with a first look at the campaign at Summer Games Fest on June 9.

On top of all that, there’s a mountain of information available thanks to Infinity Ward, who invited content creators to check out an early build of the game. As part of this early-access event, CharlieIntel were able to get hands-on with the game.

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As always, multiplayer is vital part of the latest Call of Duty title. While your favorite modes like Hardpoint and Search & Destroy return, there are two new game types for players to enjoy: Knockout and Prisoner Rescue.

Modern Warfare 2 players with night vision goggles


When Modern Warfare released back in 2019, one of the headline additions was Gunfight. This 2v2 game mode gave players 40 seconds to kill the enemy eam, otherwise, they had to fight for the Overtime flag to snatch the round win.

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For Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward have taken the tried and true Gunfight mode and melded it with regular multiplayer, creating Knockout.

Knockout is a 6v6 mode where players have one life. Like Warzone, you can revive a teammate, but once your whole team is down, the round is finished. Players will fight for control of a package, with whoever holds the package at the end declared the winner.

Prisoner Rescue

If you’ve ever played Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll immediately recognize Prisoner Rescue. In this mode, teams are split into attack and defense, just like Search and Destroy.

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The attackers are tasked with rescuing the hostages and extracting them from the building, while defenders attempt to protect them from the insurgents.

Modern Warfare 2 players will be able to breach doors and walls like in Rainbow Six Siege, and victory comes through either eliminating the other team or completing your objective.

Modern Warfare 2019 Operators in battle

Multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2 is set for a major shakeup. Infinity Ward have also added new Field Upgrades, including a Tactical Camera and DDOS EMP, major movement changes with the introduction of swimming, and some seismic changes to Gunsmith too.

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Thankfully, players will be able to get their hands on the game in the not too distant future, as Infinity Ward confirmed a multiplayer beta would be available before Modern Warfare’s October 28 release.

Also, be sure to check out how Infinity Ward have made Modern Warfare 2’s AI the most realistic ever.

Image Credit: Activision

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