Modern Warfare 2 devs show off classic All Ghillied Up mission’s return

Warzone player sniping with Ghillie Suit in Verdansk

Call of Duty 4’s All Ghillied Up is regarded as one of the best FPS missions ever made, and Infinity Ward are set to reimagine it in Modern Warfare 2.

Ahead of Modern Warfare 2‘s huge multiplayer reveal on September 15, Activision announced that those who pre-order the game will get over a week’s early access to the campaign. They released new images and a trailer, showing off Modern Warfare 2’s reimagining of the fan-favorite All Ghillied Up mission.

Call of Duty 4’s All Ghillied Up is one of the most atmospheric CoD levels ever, following the SAS’ failed assassination attempt on terrorist leader Imran Zakhaev. Playing as a young Captain Price, you and Captain MacMillan don ghillie suits and must sneak through an abandoned Pripyat following the Chornobyl disaster.

The intense, stealthy nature of the level turns to absolute chaos after Price blows Zakhaev’s arm off, as you and an injured MacMillan must escape the abandoned city before making a final stand at Pripyat’s infamous Ferris wheel.

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CoD players absolutely loved the mission, and Infinity Ward are looking to capture the nostalgia in Modern Warfare 2. The new images and trailer for Modern Warfare 2 show Captain Price all ghillied up, lying in long grass sniping.

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Captain Price’s actor, Barry Sloane, even confirmed that All Ghillied Up will be making a return. Showing off Price in the mission, he tweeted: “Captain John Price. Task Force 141. All Ghillied Up.”

The devs discussed this mission in a briefing ahead of the campaign reveal, confirming that the player will team up with Price for some long-distance sniping. Set in Spain, the area is set to be huge, as Infinity Ward said they’ve learned how to make massive environments after Warzone.

This should be all we see of the new All Ghilled Up for now, but you’ll get to experience the full mission over a week ahead of launch if you pre-order Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credit: Activision