Modern Warfare 2 devs remove new weapon tuning feature following crashing issues

Luca Di Marzo
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Modern Warfare 2 introduced a new weapon tuning feature, but it failed to make an impression as the devs removed it from the game due to frequent crashing issues.

Players had a ton of new features to discover as they enjoyed Modern Warfare 2‘s first weekend of gameplay following its October 28 release. In a move that hasn’t gone down well with players, Modern Warfare 2’s weapon unlock system is designed to encourage players to test out every weapon in the game.

With players constantly swapping weapons and testing out what works for them, there are also plenty of new attachments that arrived by way of the new gunsmith system. One element of the gunsmith system allows players to tune their attachments for maximum customization.

When a player hits the maximum weapon level for a specific gun, they gain access to weapon tuning. Players can then adjust the attributes of attachments to fit their needs.

Unfortunately, the new feature has failed to take the community by storm. Instead, it disappeared on October 29, as the devs confirmed it was causing Modern Warfare 2 to crash.

When could attachment tuning return to Modern Warfare 2?

Due to the widespread crashing, Infinity Ward had no choice but to remove the weapon tuning feature. It’s expected that this is just a temporary measure as the devs work on a fix that will allow players to experience attachment tuning without having it crash their game.

It seems the issue would arise when players would tune all five of their attachments on any given weapon. They also stated that if you have a tuned attachment equipped following the removal of the feature, you’ll need to unequip that attachment in order to access that loadout.

Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning

While much has been said about the disastrous UI and overly complex weapon Platform system, it remains to be seen what players think of the weapon tuning feature. They’ve yet to truly delve into attachment tuning following the removal of the feature.

The ability to tweak certain attachments to provide faster ADS speed at the cost of recoil control is just one example of how attachment tuning sounds like a great idea on paper. However, it could prove to be just another complex feature that players could ignore in the long run.

We’ll provide any additional updates from Infinity Ward as they look to get attachment tuning back in the game.

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