Modern Warfare 2 campaign ending & post-credit scene explained

price abseiling in modern warfare 2 campaign

Modern Warfare 2’s campaign went live in early access on October 20, and the ending and post-credit scene have some major implications for the franchise going forward. Here’s a breakdown of both scenes, and what they mean for Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare 2 picks up a few years after Modern Warfare 2019 ends, with a fully formed Task Force 141 now operating worldwide. After a terrorist group gets its hands on American missiles, Task Force 141 teams up with Mexican Special Forces to find them.

Once the story’s wrapped up, the final two cutscenes have major implications for this Modern Warfare timeline. Of course, there are major spoilers for Modern Warfare 2’s campaign here, but we’re breaking down what this final cutscene and post-credits scene mean.

Modern Warfare 2 final cutscene explained: Who is Makarov?

Price telling Laswell about Makarov in Modern Warfare 2 campaign

With Zyani dead and the missiles detonated safely, Price and Laswell are recuperating in a bar in a scene that’s reminiscent of Modern Warfare 2019’s final cutscene. However, instead of assembling Task Force 141, the gang is together this time.

With Shepherd off the grid, Laswell wants Price and his team to investigate the ultranationalists that ambushed the Shadow Company convoy. She reveals they’re working with someone new, and Task Force 141 instantly recognizes that it’s Makarov.

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Vladimir Makarov was the main antagonist of the original Modern Warfare franchise. By pulling the strings in the background, Makarov kicked off World War 3 and had a particular hatred for Price and Soap for their involvement in Zakhaev’s death.

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After his plans were finally foiled in Modern Warfare 3, Price hanged Makarov by wrapping a steel cable around his neck and dropping him through a glass skylight.

Modern Warfare 2 post-credits scene explained

mobile phone with no russian in modern warfare 2 campaign

It’s worth sticking around until after the credits, as Modern Warfare 2 has a post-credits scene that further teases what’s to come. With Makarov confirmed, this post-credits scene sets the stage for his most heinous act from the original games — “No Russian.”

This scene shows someone on a flight building a 3D-printed pistol, and then they receive a text that says the infamous words, “No Russian.” This refers to Makarov’s terror attack on a Russian airport in which he framed America to kickstart Russia’s invasion of the US and World War 3.

The infamous No Russian event, which is an instruction to only speak English, is now cannon in the Modern Warfare 2019 universe. Whether it will be continued in Spec Ops or a future title remains to be seen.

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Image Credit: Activision

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