Modern Warfare 2 beta is so good that players claim it ruined Warzone

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Operators Prisoner Rescue

Warzone players are claiming that the Modern Warfare 2 beta has made it impossible for console players to reacclimate to the battle royale.

The first weekend of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta will come to a close on September 20 at 10 AM PT. Fret not, if you didn’t get a chance to test out the beta during the early access period, it is set to return on September 22 for all PlayStation players.

Players have been quick to share their major complaints about the Modern Warfare 2 beta in the hopes that the devs will make adjustments ahead of the global launch on October 28.

While players haven’t been pleased with the game’s poor visibility and lack of a traditional minimap, the early reaction hasn’t been entirely negative. Modern Warfare 2’s colorful maps and new features have gone down well with players.

It seems console players are the most appreciative of Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay, even stating that the beta has made it difficult to return to Warzone. The beta’s modern feel has put Warzone’s March 2020 release date into perspective, with players claiming that the battle royale truly feels outdated.

The OP of the above Reddit post states that it’s going to “be a long wait till WZ2,” and that given how well the Modern Warfare 2 beta played, readjusting to Warzone on console would be too difficult a task: “I can’t go back now that I have seen the light.”

The comment section of the post reveals that several players experienced the same feeling of indifference when it came to returning to Warzone gameplay after the beta: “Same. I tried playing Caldera the other day and just didn’t care anymore.”

One player puts it down to Modern Warfare 2’s “FOV-Slider, Movement, how the weapons feel, and Adaptive Triggers,” when it comes to console players’ delight with the new content. To which another player comically points out, “You had me at FOV slider…”

The absence of these sought-after features is the driving force behind players’ unwillingness to hop back into Warzone Pacific Season 5 following the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

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Image Credit: Activision