Is Himmelmatt Expo in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play?

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 player in Himmelmatt Expo map

With Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play players and CDL pros desperate to see Al Bagrah Fortress Control removed, is Season 2’s Himmelmatt Expo in the rotation? Here’s everything you need to know.

With Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded arriving after Toronto Ultra secured the win following a dominant winner’s bracket run at CDL Major 3, players have been looking at the brand-new Himmelmatt Expo map to replace the ever-controversial Al Bagra Fortress, particularly in Control.

With how easy it is to spawn trap in Al Bagra Fortress, the defending side almost always comes out on top and we even saw attacking teams who had secured overtime defense remaining in spawn so as not to give the other team Killstreaks.

Both CDL pros and Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play players are desperate to see Fortress removed from the map pool, and it seems their prayers are being answered with the introduction of Himmelmatt Expo which was announced on March 28.

Is Himmelmatt Expo in MW2 Ranked Play & CDL?

Himmelmatt Expo is in the rotation for Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play and the CDL. On March 28, Treyarch announced that the Himmelmatt Expo map will be in the Control map pool for Ranked Play and CDL as of March 29, removing Al Bagra Fortress Control.

Himmelmatt Expo Search and Destroy was also removed from the Ranked Play map pool.

After trialing the map, the devs decided it was time to also include it in the CDL map pool, removing the controversial Al Bagra Fortress map, which has delighted the community, as many users on Twitter posted “W” under the announcement.

So, for the ranked playlist update for March 29, players can now expect to see Himmelmatt Expo for Control, as well as not seeing Search and Destroy on the new map or Al Bagras Fortress Control.

It seems the CDL pro’s feedback on Himmelmatt Expo and testing was a success, as the map makes its way to Ranked Play and the CDL for Modern Warfare 2.

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Image Credit: Activision