Infinity Ward have removed classic minimap from Modern Warfare 2 private matches

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The Modern Warfare 2 minimap discussion will not be going anywhere anytime soon as it’s been revealed that even private matches won’t allow the regular use of a minimap.

Just as we had before with 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, CoD fans are up in arms over the removal of a traditional minimap.

In previous games, unless players had the right Perks or attachments equipped, failure to do so would result in shots being made visible on the minimap, allowing enemy players to know your position.

The reboot decided to do away with this mechanic and mask all shots unless you had a UAV or a position-revealing Killstreak. Fast forward to Modern Warfare 2, and Infinity Ward have decided to adopt the same approach, going as far as to apply this decision to all game modes.

Modern Warfare 2 private matches remove minimap

It’s safe to say that players have been very frustrated over the decision to remove the minimap again, as they feel it negates the need for suppressors and takes away from the risk and reward factor of sacrificing firepower and accuracy to keep yourself silent.

Thanks to some early footage of the game’s multiplayer component, we know for sure that the minimap is disabled, but also in private matches as well.

CoD leaker Raz posted a video to Twitter that showed the user attempting to set up a private match on Modern Warfare 2. However, when they got to the ‘Weapon Pings On Minimap’ option, the only choices available were ‘Off’ or ‘UAV Only’.

This means that players will be hidden on the minimap no matter what weapon, Perks, or attachments they have equipped.

An interesting exchange to the tweet took place in the comments with one user saying: “They really hate the idea of red dots on the minimap huh,” and a reply to that comment saying: “They hate the idea of a good game too.”

Given that we are on the verge of the game’s release, it seems like Infinity Ward have put their foot down on the issue, and the best that players can hope for is a minimap-enabled playlist option.

This will also surely have a big impact on the CDL as pros will have to say goodbye to informed scrims, and it’s likely that there will be no minimap during competitive tournaments either.

If you’re still looking forward to Modern Warfare 2 regardless, then check out some of our latest content for the game including news on the game having a Tactical Nuke, as well as leaks of the rumored FIFA World Cup crossover skins.

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