Infinity Ward drop first Modern Warfare 2 map Museum and fans are loving it

Hamza Khalid
Ghost in Modern Warfare 2

The Modern Warfare 2 developers have given the players a first look at the layout for the Museum map, and it has received a ton of love from the Call of Duty community already.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to feature plenty of fun maps when it arrives, and one of the larger core locations will be the 6vs6 Museum map which has now been officially revealed by the developers.

Activision revealed Museum’s complete layout on Twitter, making it the first map that has been officially revealed to players. This has led to many players sharing their opinion on the upcoming location.

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One Redditor shared the image of its layout in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, and fans gave their opinions on Museum.

One user commented: “Kinda gives me old-school Raid vibes based on the layout. I say this loosely, but there are definitely some similarities. Wonder if they used Raid as inspiration for this map?”

Despite the similarities to Raid, most of the users in the thread expressed their excitement for Modern Warfare 2’s Museum and stated that it looks better than other three-lane maps in the franchise.

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One commenter explained that the map looks great because of its non-symmetrical layout, describing it as the “ideal way to do three lanes.” This was a sentiment that was also shared by others.

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A few users pointed out that other three-lane maps tend to feel overly strict in Call of Duty titles like WWII and Black Ops 4. However, Modern Warfare 2’s Museum doesn’t seem to have that problem.

The consensus is that the new three-lane map looks good and doesn’t feel like it will be “super restrictive” like in those other games.

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While many of the comments in the thread praised the map, one user made it clear that they would reserve their judgment until the map becomes available to play.

They wrote: “We will have to wait and see how it plays though. Also, depending if they are using squad spawns again or going back to traditional spawns – that will impact how it plays as well.”

Players will get to test out this multiplayer map after Modern Warfare 2 finally goes live. It remains to be seen if their opinions will change after dropping into Museum when it arrives.

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Image credits: Activision

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