FaZe Jev blown away as Roblox FPS is “unironically better” than Modern Warfare 2

Luca Di Marzo
FaZe Jev Modern Warfare 2 Roblox

After testing out one of Roblox’s FPS offerings, Jason ‘FaZe Jev’ Eugene claims that it’s better than Modern Warfare 2, mostly thanks to the key features that are absent from the Call of Duty title.

Popular YouTuber FaZe Jev is best known for his wide array of Call of Duty content including an emphasis on Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

The content creator sought out a change of pace as he took to Roblox to try an FPS offering that has been heavily compared to Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2.

Fans respect Jev’s opinions thanks to his honesty and the fact that he doesn’t shy away from criticism. For this reason, his disbelief was plain to see as he compared the Call of Duty-like Roblox experience to Modern Warfare 2.

Instantly, FaZe Jev was astonished at how well-polished the graphics of the Roblox experience titled Frontlines seemed to be. The game looks nothing like a traditional Roblox experience and while Jev admits he was stunned by the graphics, he was skeptical about the feel of the game.

It turns out he had nothing to worry about as Jev confirmed, “I thought okay fine it would look better, but not feel good. No, it’s actually an unironically better multiplayer experience than Modern Warfare 2.”

The Call of Duty features that are present in Roblox Frontlines, but absent in Modern Warfare 2 completely blew the YouTuber away. The joy in his voice as he discovered long-lost features was evident: “We got a tac-sprint and everything, we can slide cancel.”

Furthermore, Roblox Frontlines has a radar with active red dots in the top left corner as well as a map voting system, which are two features that Call of Duty players have been demanding in Modern Warfare 2.

Ultimately, FaZe Jev was in disbelief with Roblox Frontlines in comparison to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer: “How is Roblox doing Call of Duty better than Call of Duty.”

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Image Credit: Activision / FaZe Jev

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