Dr Disrespect claims Modern Warfare 2 makes classic mode “worst in CoD history”

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Operators on chopper

Following the release of Modern Warfare 2, Dr Disrespect took some time during a stream to crown a game mode as the worst in CoD history.

Since Modern Warfare 2’s launch on October 28, players have been diving into the multiplayer mode and enjoying everything Infinity Ward has to offer. Aside from the lack of features at launch, players seem to be enjoying the new maps and modes.

While the devs brought new additions such as Prisoner Rescue and Knockout to Modern Warfare 2, they also delivered the classics. The classics remain mostly untouched, but they certainly play differently depending on the Call of Duty title.

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect took to the Free-for-All mode to flex his innate CoD skills, but the experience was far from pleasant for the two-time.


Dr Disrespect starts by stating: “This has got to be the worst Free-for-All Call of Duty I’ve ever experienced in my life, I hate it.” The Doc is usually a fan of the iconic mode that has appeared in every Call of Duty title.

However, this time around he’s finding major flaws that make the Modern Warfare 2 version of the solo mode unplayable. His biggest complaints arise from the mode’s tendency to punish players who are on the move: “I can’t move around, I can’t sprint around.”

He believes that the playstyle that Modern Warfare 2 caters to is a stationary one. In other words, the more you move around the map aggressively hunting players the more frustrating your experience is going to be.

The Doc also explains that Modern Warfare 2 spawns compound the issue by making it even less likely to succeed when attempting to move after spawning: “Once you move out of your spawn, the dude spawns right behind you.”

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