CoD players slam Activision over Modern Warfare 2’s price hike

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 vault edition skins

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will cost players at least $70, even on PC and previous-gen consoles, and players have slammed Activision over the change.

We’re only a few months out from October 28’s Modern Warfare 2 and pre-orders are live across Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and After dropping the reveal trailer on June 8, Activision revealed all of Modern Warfare 2’s editions and their prices.

Players can either purchase Modern Warfare 2’s $70 standard/cross-gen edition, or the $99 Vault Pack which includes the Battle Pass, Tier Skips, exclusive skins, and more. This confirmed that the cheapest version of MW2 will cost $70 and the backlash was immediate.

While current-gen titles have adopted the $70 price tag for some time now, PC and previous-gen titles have remained at the $60 dollar mark for the most part. However, previous-gen players can only purchase Modern Warfare 2’s $70 cross-gen bundle, and the PC version’s price has also been hiked to match.

“There’s literally no justifiable reason for this,” claimed PTRCrispy on Twitter, with Stariz calling it “robbery” because “they’re making more money then ever and still charging $10 more.”

Call of Duty earns the majority of its money through microtransactions such as Store Bundles and Battle Passes, and many have brought this up in response to Modern Warfare 2 costing at least $70.

“$70 for a game filled with microtransactions and a season pass? I don’t think so,” said ‘Fanta.’ Another user, Edco, argued that “this new ‘premium’ price should be for games that don’t have MTX or little DLC, to even justify the price increase.”

However, there are reports that Modern Warfare 2 will be fully supported for two years, without a CoD game released in 2023. With many believing this to be true, they don’t find the $70 price tag too steep.

Pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2 will offer early access to the beta, with PlayStation players getting their hands on it first. In the meantime, be sure to check out everything we know about the campaign.

Image Credit: Activision

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