CoD leaker claims Modern Warfare 2 will release “greatest hits” map pack with classics from every developer

crossfire map in call of duty 4 modern warfare

Modern Warfare 2 fans could be set for a huge wave of nostalgia as it’s rumored that a map pack consisting of maps from multiple eras of CoD will be available sometime after MW2’s launch.

The hype for Modern Warfare 2 is already sky-high due to the enormous amount of content it’s set to have. With its flashy campaign, a new multiplayer Raids game mode, and a tie-in to the upcoming Warzone 2 battle royale, it’s an exciting time for Call of Duty fans.

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One of the reasons fans are so excited for the multiplayer portion of the game is because of the large collection of maps expected to be in at launch.

On top of this though, it appears as if these maps won’t be the only ones gracing the game’s presence as a renowned leaker has revealed that the whole CoD catalog will be utilized to deliver an array of era-defining maps.

Modern Warfare 2 to feature maps from different Call of Duty games

According to renowned CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope, it appears as if Activision are going full-board with Modern Warfare 2 and want it to be an all-encompassing Call of Duty title.

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Hope’s newest leak reports that: “To celebrate 20 years of Call Of Duty, a PAID “greatest hits map pack” is in development. On top of MW2 (2009) maps, these would also include other classic maps from Infinity Ward, Treyarch & Sledgehammer’s catalogue. Meant to be released for MWII Year 2.”

It’s already been acknowledged that the game will receive a ton of post-launch content, through its now traditional seasonal updates, but also via a Year 2 that will try to keep the momentum going.

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This leak suggests that we could see legendary maps from literally any CoD game from Black Ops I all the way to Advanced Warfare.

It could be a way to maintain traffic for the game once the rumored 2023 Call of Duty title is released and would make the game’s map content even more gigantic given that most OG MW2 maps are expected to be added as the game’s lifecycle goes on.

Image Credit: Activision

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