Every weapon buff & nerf in CoD Mobile Season 3 update

Peacekeeper M2 in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 3 has brought a large number of changes, with some of the biggest being a range of weapon buffs and nerfs that will shake up the game’s meta.

CoD Mobile Season 3 has finally arrived, bringing a plethora of brand-new content for players to enjoy such as a new Battle Pass, weapons like the MAC-10 SMG, and a Snoop Dog Operator skin.

The Radical Raid update has also brought a variety of balance changes that impact the performance of certain weapons in the game. We’ll go over all the new buffs and nerfs in CoD Mobile Season 3.

All CoD Mobile Season 3 weapon buffs and nerfs

CoD Mobile operator firing weapon

The CoD Mobile devs listed all the new buffs and nerfs in a community update on Reddit. Weapons like the Peacekeeper MK2 have received adjustments to their damage, range, and accuracy to make them more balanced in Season 3.

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You can find all of the weapon buffs and nerfs in the CoD Mobile Season 3 update below:


  • Added a damage multiplier for the chest and upper arms.
  • Improved range.
    • Large Calibre: Adjusted damage & adjusted range.


  • Base damage improved: 26-24-20-19 > 30-28-24
  • Range improved.
  • Headshot multiplier increased.


  • Headshot, upper arm, and hand damage multiplier increased.
  • ADS Time reduced.
  • Accuracy improved.

Peacekeeper MK2

  • First damage range increased.
  • Chest and upper arm damage multiplier increased.


  • Vertical recoil reduced.
  • Leg damage multiplier increased.


  • Damage to hands and abdomen reduced.


  • Reduced the slowing down effect of the FRAG 12 rounds when paired with Disabled perk.

Kilo 141

  • 40-R mag penalties
    • -1% movement speed > -2% movement speed.
    • +5% reload time > + 12% reload time.
  • 50-R mag penalties
    • -2% movement speed > -5% movement speed.
    • +5% reload time > +18% reload time.


  • Range decreased.
  • Hit registration delay increased.

Chopper Gunner

  • Range and damage increased.

Orbital Laser

  • Duration decreased.
  • Maximum movement range decreased.

K9 Unit

  • Health and speed decreased.
MAC-10 SMG CoD Mobile

There is no doubt that CoD Mobile players will be excited to jump into the game following the Season 3 Radical Raid update and test all of these changes for themselves to see how they fare.

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Image Credit: Activision

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