CoD Mobile Season 10 World Class patch notes: First Mythic Operator skin, Battle Pass, Messi, Pogba, Neymar Jr. skins & more

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CoD Mobile Season 10 promo

Season 10, titled World Class, is the next major update to arrive in CoD Mobile, and here are the full patch notes listing all the new content, including the Messi, Pogba, and Neymar Jr. skins.

CoD Mobile players enjoyed all the fun content that arrived in the Halloween-themed Season 9 update, including the return of Zombies Classic and Black Ops Cold War’s Krig 6.

Now, the developers have delivered another major content drop with the arrival of Season 10, titled World Class. We’ve got a breakdown of everything in the brand-new CoD Mobile seasonal update.

CoD Mobile Season 10: World Class Mythic Spectre Operator skin

The CoD Mobile developers have previously added Mythic-tier weapon skins to the game, and Season 10 brings the first Operator skin of that rarity. The outfit is called Hunter T-3 and is for the Operator Spectre.

CoD Mobile Season 10: World Class Mythic Spectre Operator skin

According to the developers, players will be able to customize the skin through three upgrade paths that change the armor’s color.

CoD Mobile Season 10: World Class Crossroads Strike map

CoD Mobile Season 10 features a small variant of the Crossroads map from Black Ops Cold War. This version is known as Crossroads Strike and is also playable in Cold War’s Zombies Onslaught mode.

CoD Mobile Season 10 Crossroads Strike map

The new ice-themed map is arriving just in time for the winter season. Players can go inside the main buildings if they want to engage in close-quarters battles or duke it out in the outer lanes.

CoD Mobile Season 10: World Class LAPA SMG

New seasonal updates give players more weapons to wreak havoc with, and the LAPA SMG is the newest addition in CoD Mobile Season 10. An official showcase shows the stats and attachments of this mid-range SMG.

CoD Mobile Season 10 LAPA SMG

This weapon first arrived in Black Ops Cold War as part of the Season Six Reloaded update and proved to be an extremely formidable option. The patch notes boast that the weapon is “easy to control” in CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile Season 10: World Class Messi, Pogba, and Neymar Jr. skins

CoD Mobile Season 10 features soccer stars Paul Pogba, Leo Messi, and Neymar as unlockable cosmetic skins. You’ll be able to equip these while participating in an in-game soccer tournament, with the first match taking place on November 20.

Players can participate in Lucky Draws in order to unlock Neymar Jr. and Leo Messi. This will also grant you the opportunity to unlock a few Weapon Blueprints and other items.

CoD Mobile Season 10: World Class Battle Pass

Each new CoD Mobile season brings a brand-new Battle Pass that you can progress through in order to unlock rewards. The free version of the Season 10 Battle Pass features the new Ballista Operator Skill at Tier 14 and the LAPA SMG at Tier 21.

Here’s what you can get in the free Battle Pass:

  • Calling Card – For the win (tier 1)
  • Wingsuit – Futbol (tier 4)
  • XPR-50 – Victory! (tier 8)
  • Ballista EM3 (tier 14)
  • DR-H – Victory! (tier 16)
  • Ninja – Futbol (tier 18)
  • New Weapon – LAPA (tier 21)
  • Charm – Spikes n’ Sports (tier 26)
  • ORV – Futbol (tier 28)
  • Parachute – Futbol (tier 31)
  • Mechanic – Futbol (tier 34)
  • .50 GS – Victory! (tier 36)
  • Sticker – You Tried (tier 38)
  • Molotov Cocktail – Futbol (tier 41)
  • EMP – Futbol (Tier 46)
  • RPD – Victory! (tier 50)

If you opt to get the premium version then you can also get your hands on the Paul Pogba Operator Skin.

The premium Battle Pass rewards are:

  • Paul Pogba (tier 1)
  • ASM10 – Midfield Legend (tier 1)
  • Swordfish – Goal! (tier 1)
  • Frame – Yellow Jacket (tier 5)
  • Hades – Yellow Viper (tier 10)
  • Urban Tracker – Tracked (tier 12)
  • Calling Card – Ready to Win (tier 15)
  • Kilo-Bolt-Action – Goal! (tier 19)
  • Parachute – Goal! (tier 20)
  • Concussion Grenade – Goal! (tier 29)
  • NA-45 – Athletic Soul (tier 30)
  • Park – Forward EN (tier 35)
  • S36 – Goal! (tier 39)
  • Pharo – Winner Takes All (tier 40)
  • Emote – Rapid Fire (tier 44)
  • Ajax – Weiner Winner (tier 50)
  • LAPA – Hot Dog Rifle (tier 50)

The Battle Pass Vault lets you use Battle Pass Coins to unlock Tiers from previous Battle Passes.

CoD Mobile Season 10: World Class patch notes


New Map

Crossroads Strike

COD classical map Crossroads Strike will be available in the map pool. Players can experience a fast-paced battle in this snow-covered base. There are some uncharted areas waiting for players to explore…

New Operator Skill

Ballista EM3

Laser emitter with high penetration capability. Be able to detect enemy positions by predicting the enemy’s track and deal fatal damage by storing power.

Ranked Match Update

Honor display has been added to Ranked matches. There are 10 Honors available in five different ranked modes: Charge Forward, Geometry Master, Master of Capture, etc. We hope that players have their own clearer position and unique tactical style in battle.

Decreased the rewards of the new map challenge of Master I and above.

Optimized the small icons of the top 5000.

Optimized the effect of the selected while selecting mode in ranked match.

Maps Updates in Ranked Match


We removed some maps with complex engagement areas and poor experience. We also optimized maps that will be added to the New Map Pool for Frontline.

Maps Removed: Scrapyard MW, Miami Strike

Maps Added: Express, Hijacked

Team Deathmatch:

The newly added Team Deathmatch maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.

Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Favela, Apocalypse, Summit

Maps Added: Express, Hijacked

Search & Destroy:

The newly added S&D maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.

Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Favela, Summit, Takeoff


The newly added Domination maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.

Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Favela, Nuketown

Map Added: Express


The newly added Hardpoint maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.

Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Apocalypse, Raid

Map Added: Express

Mythic Projection Update

Players can choose not to show the number of Mythic Projections in BASIC settings.

Players can choose combo kill effects of the Mythic weapon as regular killing effects after unlocking level 2 in the new Mythic upgrade system.

Mythic Weapon System Update

Players can choose not to show the number of fully upgraded Mythic weapons in BASIC settings.

Players can choose combo kill effects of the Mythic weapon as a regular killing effect after unlocking level 2 in the new Mythic upgrade system.

Other Updates

Optimized the display logic of KD ranking. Now it is related to the number of matches in the whole season.

Battle Royale

New Gameplay


The mode consists of two rounds. Players will participate in either an attacking team or defending team. The defending team must prevent the attacking team from escorting the Truck to the target objective. The team escorts the Truck to more objective wins.

Quick Strike

Block incoming bullets from the front and then deal slash damage to enemies.

New Vehicle

Hover Bike

Hover Bike is a single-rider vehicle, with floating drive both on ground and water.


Since the launch of Tournaments, we’ve been collecting feedback from players, and based on that, we have made some improvements.

Revision of trophy mechanism: The trophy will not only be rewarded by winning the game, but also related to the performance of every single player. The player with excellent performance in the defeated team has chances to get more trophies.

Removal of 4-match-round and paid extra match mechanism: It did not achieve the results we expected, but instead brought a lot of trouble for many players. Therefore we removed it and left the four consecutive crates in the free line of milestones.

Revision of ranking mechanism: after being on the leaderboard, players can accumulate a trophy maximum of 100 in Tournament per week, extra games will not be counted; after combining with the revision of the trophy mechanism, we hope that players on the ranking can improve their performance in each game, rather than competing for the number of games to improve the ranking.

Mode Rotation: Popular modes among players such as Alcatraz, Ground War, etc, will be available in the Tournament.


Increased maximum game duration of Zombies Classic Endless mode from 2h 40min to 3h.

Fixed a bug of maximum waves ranking of Endless mode.


New Weapon


A submachine gun with high accuracy and reliable damage, but low bullet speed. Use attachments to adjust bullet speed and power, and achieve flexible assembly.

New Attachment

M16 – Wild Fire

M16 switches to fully automatic fire after equipping this perk.


Weapon Optimization

New screen vibration tool to optimize weak vibration, making the experience more sharp and clean.

Strengthened the performance of hipfire and ADS fire, enhanced the sense of power.

Optimized the animation performance while firing continuously. Improved the incoherent issue of animation of continuous firing. Optimized the vibration amplitude of the optical sight while continuously firing to enhance the sense of combat and without increasing the pressure of aiming.

Optimization List:






DL Q33

Kilo Bolt-Action



Kilo 141


Weapon SFX Optimization

Most of the weapons in this optimization are classical weapons from early. We improved the sound quality with retaining original sound features.

We adjusted the frequency bands and reverberation of reloading and firing based on a unified sound style to make sound effects more natural and further improve the hitting feel.

Optimization List:




DL Q33








FR .556


Optimization on Scorestreaks and Operator Skills

In this optimization, we remake some assets of the scorestreaks and operator skills to enhance overall performance.

Improved the experience by animation, sound optimization and using screen vibration tool to enhance the sense of combat in some scorestreaks.

Optimization List:



Chopper Gunner

VTOL Unified Optimization

Cluster Strike


Shield Turret

Sentry Gun

Stealth Chopper

UAV/Advanced UAV/C-UAV Optimization

Hawk X3

MQ-27 Dragonfire

Operator Skills


Reactor Core

Death Machine

Other Optimization

Optimized bolt animation, ADS won’t be interrupted by bolt animation.

Optimized melee animation, determination, and animation of Kali Sticks and Knife updated.

Optimized bullet chain display, the actual number of remaining bullets can be shown on display.

General Updates

New Features

Added Left-handed Tactical, players can use throwables with their left hand instead of switching weapons (MP only).

Added Enemy Tactical Scope Flash, players can be alerted by the flash from a sniper.

Added Melee Weapon Adsorption, a melee weapon has a sprint adsorption effect for easier hitting when attacking a close enemy.

Weapon Comparison System

Added display of original bullet spread value in addition to the maximum value.

Added display of dates in interface for helping compare the data before and after updates.

Optimized some UI displays.

Fixed a bug of miscalculations of bullet spread value of some attachment

Fixed a bug of occasional miscalculations of bullet spread value of hip fire

Fixed a bug of Swordfish about the incorrect display of round burst number

OB System Updates

Added collision switch of OB free camera

Optimized the display of numbers in minimap

Fixed a bug of hidden flame switch failure

Soldier Return System Updates

Added characters, weapons, BP XP bonus and Rank XP bonus for returning soldiers

Added a questionnaire for returning soldiers. Returning soldiers will get rewards after completing the questionnaire. We’re always looking forward to your feedback to help us on developing a better game.

Rarity of some soldiers returning rewards are increased.

Private Room Updates

In Multiplayer, the room settings won’t be altered if only the map gets changed.

New Features in Settings

A new switch has been added to the sensitivity setting. You can choose to bind the sensitivity to the device resolution or the rendering resolution. When binding the device resolution, the sensitivity will not change with the image quality setting.

Added switches for Enable Left-handed Tactical / Enemy Tactical Scope Flash

Balance Adjustment

ZRG 20mm

Mag Capacity: Reduced

Anti-Vehicle Mag:

ADS Time: Increased

Reload Time: Increased

Switchblade X9

Damage: Reduced

Range: Reduced

ADS Bullet Spread: Increased


Damage: Reduced

Monolithic Suppressor:

Range Buff: Reduced

45 Round Extended Mag:

ADS Time: Increased



Range Buff: Removed

Aiming Movement Speed Debuff: Increased

Movement Speed Debuff: Added

Legs Damage Multiplier: Reduced


Range Debuff of Rapid Fire Barrel: Reduced

Sprint-to-Fire Delay: Reduced

Basic Reload Speed: Increased


Range: Increased

ADS Spread: Reduced

PP19 Bizon

Damage: Adjusted

Range: Adjusted

Chest Damage Multiplier: Increased

Upper/Lower Arms Damage Multiplier: Increased


Reduced recoil of first few shots

Sprint-to-Fire Delay: Reduced


Recoil: Reduced

Recoil Recovery Performance: Optimized

DL Q33

Recoil Performance: Optimized

Overall Recoil: Reduced


Recoil Performance: Optimized

Overall Recoil: Reduced


Recoil Performance: Optimized

Overall Recoil: Reduced


Recoil Performance: Optimized

Overall Recoil: Reduced


Recoil: Reduced


Attack Action: Adjusted

4 movements will cause damage now

Damage: Decreased


Attack Action: Adjusted

2 movements will cause damage now

Combat Axe

Adjusted the direction of throwing, now it will be thrown straight ahead

MP Operator Skill/Tactics


Endurance: Reduced

Reactor Core

Damage Reduction Effect: Reduced


Existence duration of trap is no longer related to time of character’s death.

Damage: Increased

Bull Charge

Bull Charge won’t stop working after collision.

Collision Area: Increased

Gravity Vortex Gun

It won’t deal damage to players themselves.

Ballistic Shield

Some explosion damage can be deflected.


ADS Movement Speed: Increased

Damage: Increased

Fire Rate: Increased


Quick Fix

When Quick Fix triggered, HP recovery reduced

Tactical Mask

Reduction Rate: Increased


Range of hearing for footsteps: Further Increased


Charging Speed of the Operator Skill: Further Increased

For more CoD Mobile content, check out how to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 Red Team 141 Ghost Operator Skin.

Image credits: Activision

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