CoD Mobile leaks: Zombies, Prestige, new map

Liam Mackay
Call of Duty Mobile Shi No Numa

Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest update in China has revealed a ton of content that could be coming to the Global version, including Zombies, a Prestige system, and new maps.

The Chinese version of CoD Mobile can be a strong indication of what’s to come to the Global version. Modern Warfare’s Shoot House was playtested in China before it made its way to the game in Season 2, and an Among Us-style game mode was also leaked through this Chinese version.

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In the most recent update to the Chinese version’s test server, several exciting new features including new Zombies modes and what appears to be a Prestige system were added to the game. Here’s everything that could be coming to CoD Mobile in the future.

New CoD Mobile Zombies modes

The latest update to the Chinese version brought a plethora of Zombies content to the game. The Zombies mode was removed from Mobile in March 2020, much to fans upset, but it’s now possible that it will be making a return.

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A new Zombies mode can be spotted on the home screen of CoD Mobile China, which has led fans to hope there are also plans to reintroduce the popular mode to the Global version.

Not only was there this new mode spotted on the home screen, but some players’ menus got a complete Zombies overhaul. Fan-favorite World at War Zombies map, Shi No Numa, was displayed in the background rather than the regular multiplayer maps.

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This map was the first Zombies map included in CoD Mobile before the mode was removed, and now it’s looking possible that it will return.

CoD Mobile Prestige system

The Prestige system has become a staple in Call of Duty ever since Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare, so fans have been desperate for it to be added to CoD Mobile. As Modern Warfare (2019) didn’t have the Prestige system but Black Ops Cold War reintroduced it, Mobile likely wants to follow on from this success.

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However, early indicators from the Chinese version reveal that weapon Prestige may be coming either instead of, or in addition to, a level Prestige system.

On the screen for the Type25 Assault Rifle, a progress bar can be spotted underneath an emblem, appearing to display the first weapon Prestige. Underneath this, there are rewards correlating to the progress bar.

It’s likely that once players hit max level with a gun, they can Prestige the weapon and unlock unique cosmetics as they rank it up again.

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CoD Mobile receiving Monastery map

Not only are Zombies and a Prestige system potentially coming to CoD Mobile, but a new map is on the way to the Chinese version that could very well arrive in the Global version.

Monastery, which was exclusive to Call of Duty Online (China’s version of regular CoD), has been added to the Chinese version of CoD Mobile. This 6v6 map was a popular choice, so it’s no surprise that it has made its way to Mobile.

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If Monastery does eventually make its way to CoD Mobile Global, Western audiences could be able to play this map for the very first time.

While it’s likely that most of these features and maps will make their way into CoD Mobile, some may remain exclusive to the Chinese market.

Image Credit: Activision

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