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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile dev explains why Dark Matter isn’t returning anytime soon

Despite being heavily requested, one of the CoD: Mobile devs have commented on why players shouldn’t expect Dark Matter anytime soon.



cod mobile dark camo

CoD Mobile players are desperate to get their hands on Dark Matter camo, but one of the game’s developers has explained why it won’t be returning any time soon.

Call of Duty Mobile has done an excellent job of becoming an all-encompassing FPS shooter on mobile, taking so much of the series’ best content and cramming it into one free-to-play package

There’s one key ingredient missing for some CoD fans though — a completionist camo like Dark Matter. Diamond camo is the only weapon skin like this in the game so far and was only added in the Season 13 update.

After being inundated with the same request repeatedly, one of the game’s devs finally decided to address the elephant in the room.

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The only two guns in the game that have the distinction of being able to display Dark Matter camo are the ICR-1 and Razorback. The camo is extremely limited in comparison to Black Ops Cold War which allows players to attain the camo for all their weapons.

So to clear up some of the confusion and ambiguity surrounding the situation, the devs took to Reddit and explained.

“We also love the epic and well known Dark Matter camo. Traditionally it has been used more in a progression reward type of way, like Diamond or Damascus, but of course, here we’ve had it used in different ways. We aren’t quite sure on the future of that one as a result of that murkiness with it being an earned camo vs a paid camo. It may return in the future, but at the moment there aren’t any immediate plans to do so.”

So on the plus side, they’ve made it clear that they would like to see it reintroduced at some point as they recognize the popularity of the camo.

However, the camo isn’t going to be a progression-based camo like the console method of attaining it, meaning they are probably going to roll it out slowly for each weapon instead of slapping lots of microtransactions in people’s faces.

Image credits: Activision