CoD Mobile devs respond to game-breaking invisible skin in Season 2

Andrew Highton
cod mobile season 2 phantom

Activision’s CoD Mobile has encountered a potentially game-breaking problem because of a new skin glitch that causes invisibility in CoD Mobile Season 2. The devs are now well-aware of the bug and have issued a statement.

Swanky cosmetics always add to the fun in a game like CoD. Lots of avatars running around in cool costumes is just a unique sight to behold and it just adds character to the game.

Given how many variables are going on in one game at any time, there’s always the likelihood that one tiny detail can go wrong and cause developers a headache. That seems to be the case with the hugely-successful mobile version of Call of Duty.

Similar to how Warzone has suffered frequent issues with the Roze skins and other invisibility-causing skins, CoD Mobile now has its own issue.

cod mobile season 2

It seems like the Phantom skin is quite literally living up to its billing at the moment as a CoD Mobile player has been recorded using it, unwittingly making the most of it.

In a Reddit post that’s title emphatically starts off as “This needs to be fixed ASAP!!”, we got to see the Phantom skin in action, and its ease of concealment is rather alarming.

In the video, the player using the Phantom skin was completely invisible bar a couple of lights on their body, and their gun. They did switch their weapon out to a more noticeable Sniper Rifle, but nothing else changed.

In the comments below the video, the official CoD Mobile team responded to the video, “Heya! Sent this on over to the team who are now actively investigating this one. Thank you for the video and information all!”

This issue seems to have applied to official Ranked play too it seems. Another Reddit user said, “That has happened to me in several ranked battles too!”

Activision’s swift action should ensure that invisibility won’t be a problem for too much longer in CoD Mobile Season 2, leaving players to enjoy its new content.

Image credits: Activision

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