CoD Mobile devs explain why the Heartbeat Sensor isn’t in-game yet

Hamza Khalid

With Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 just around the corner, one developer has finally explained why the Heartbeat Sensor isn’t in the game yet along with when we can expect to see the device arrive.

There is a variety of tactical equipment that you can use in Call of Duty to give yourself an edge over your opponents. One of the most commonly-used pieces is the Heartbeat Sensor. This tech is capable keep track of multiple targets and alerts you of nearby enemies.

Despite being a popular pick, especially in Warzone, this item has yet to appear in Call of Duty: Mobile. There has been speculation about its arrival for quite some time, so players have been waiting to hear something from the developers.

Well, now we finally have an answer. One of the developers of the game addressed this issue, and finally explained when we’ll be seeing the Heartbeat Sensor in COD: Mobile.

There is a thread in the CoD Mobile subreddit about the Season 13 Public Test Build, where fans of the franchise can discuss their thoughts on the upcoming update. One of the developers was there and decided to answer a question about the Heartbeat Sensor.

When is the Heartbeat Sensor coming to CoD Mobile?

The response was to a fan that brought up that the Heartbeat Sensor can’t be found in the game, despite it being mentioned in the list of tactical equipment. The developer explained that is something that is still under development, so it was never meant for the public test build, but we may see it soon.

“It is something being developed and may show up in a future update,” they wrote. So while players may not be able to utilize the Heartbeat Sensor right now, it’s something that’s definitely still in the works and will likely appear soon.

They didn’t elaborate beyond that, but it’s nice to know that they do have plans to introduce the Heartbeat Sensor to CoD: Mobile at some point. If we’re lucky, then we might see it in the next season. Hopefully, it will stay clear of the many bugs that have plagued Warzone.

CoD Mobile Season 13, also known as Winter War, will go live on December 21. It’s filled with a plethora of exciting content such as new weapons, vehicles, and the return of the Nuketown Russia map from Black Ops 4. There is also a brand new snowy POI available on the map.

The new update promises to be an exciting one. We’re looking forward to the new additions in the season, and will keep you updated with what else we find.

Image credits: Treyarch