Best Switchblade X9 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 7

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Best Switchblade X9 loadout in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 7 introduces a brand-new weapon in the form of the Switchblade X9, the lightweight SMG from Black Ops Cold War. Here’s how to get the most out of it with our best Switchblade X9 loadout.

CoD Mobile Season 7 has arrived, and it’s throwing yet another new gun from the series’s history into the mix. After the L-CAR 9 and KSP 45 dropped in Season 6, the Switchblade X9 from Black Ops Cold War is the latest addition to the roster.

This fast-firing SMG was a beast back BOCW, and it’s set to make a splash once again in CoD Mobile thanks to its high damage output and impressive mobility.

Before you drop into a match you’ll need to know the ideal setup, so here’s the best Switchblade X9 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 7.

Best CoD Mobile Switchblade X9 loadout attachments

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Stock: YKM Light Stock
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

The Switchblade X9 already melts up close, so our loadout is geared around increasing its range slightly and doubling down on its mobility. We kick things off with the Monolithic Suppressor to buff the SMG’s effective range and to make shots almost silent.

Next up, the YKM Light Stock improves ADS movement speed, helping you strafe and adjust your shots mid-fight with ease. Then the OWC Laser – Tactical and Granulated Grip Tape reduces the overall ADS time and bullet spread to make the Switchblade X9 far more precise, even at mid-range.

Finally, we round out the loadout with Extended Mag A for added ammo capacity. The Switchblade X9 burns through ammo at a rapid rate, so a few more in the chamber is definitely needed.

CoD Mobile Season 7

Best CoD Mobile Switchblade X9 Perks

  • Red Perk: Lightweight
  • Green Perk: Vulture
  • Blue Perk: Dead Silence

Since our best Switchblade X9 loadout focuses on movement we recommend doubling down by using the Lightweight Perk in the Red slot, allowing you to burst around the mao and get in the faces of the enemy team.

As a fast-firing SMG, it’s easy to chew through ammo and leave yourself vulnerable after a few kills. Equipping Vulture puts your mind at ease since you’ll be picking up extra bullets after kill, while also promoting an aggressive playstyle.

Lastly, we’ve gone with Dead Silence to make your movement silent, allowing you to sneak up on enemies without being detected.

How to unlock Switchblade X9 in CoD Mobile

If you’re looking to run the Switchblade X9 in CoD Mobile, all you have to do is hit Tier 21 on the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Luckily, this is one of the free tiers so you won’t have to splash out any real money to unlock the weapon. Simply earn enough XP and it’s all yours.

If Season 7 draws to a close and you haven’t had time to reach Tier 21, don’t worry, when season 8 begins an in-game challenge will become available to unlock the Switchblade X9.

Best Switchblade X9 alternatives in CoD Mobile

There are a number of great SMGs on offer in CoD Mobile, such as Season 3’s MAC-10 which is completely devastating at short range. Alternatively, you could go for the JAK-12 Shotgun, capable of one-shotting enemies if they dare come too close.

For more on CoD Mobile check out our guide on Class Chips and Chip Stations, and the return of the Shi No Numa Zombies mode.

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