Treyarch responds to teleporting glitch in Cold War Zombies

Andrew Highton
mauer der toten map with question maps

Mauer Der Toten has many cool aspects, but one that players are not enjoying is the random glitch that teleports players around the map, usually downing or killing them in the process. Treyarch has issued a reply to the frustrating bug.

It seems like Mauer Der Toten is a terrific addition to Call of Duty’s Zombies walk of fame as the map is proving to be quite popular. Its use of verticality, the looming danger of the train, and various other features make it a memorable map.

It’s a shame then that one glitch is ruining the experience for some players as a bizarre bug is causing zombie hunters to be zoomed to different areas of the map for no reason. Not only that but the uncontrollable action can also drop a player, instantly.

mauer der toten zombies art

Several posts seemed to have cropped on Reddit lately casting a spotlight on this glitch, and now thanks to Reddit user Synergistic01, it seems the glitch will finally receive some attention.

The player had posted a new thread titled: “Teleporting and Downing randomly if I don’t have jug will instantly kill me, doesn’t even put me in the downed state. Has been happening the past couple of games but was perfectly fine yesterday. I’m on PC using ethernet.”

In their attached video, it showed them in the Mauer Der Toten Zombie Bunny Easter Egg disco room, and every few seconds it would move them to another part of the room within a second.

The Reddit thread was filled with complaints from many other Black Ops Cold War players that had shared this familiar feeling.

“Been happening to my cousin, me and my friend were both fine but he got teleported out the map, downed and instakilled 5 rounds in a row and gave up playing because of it,” one user said.

Fortunately, Treyarch has sat up and taken notice of the situation, saying: “Known issue. We’re investigating it still.”

It shouldn’t be too long until the problem is identified and rectified by Treyarch. Also, check out when the next Cold War & Warzone Double XP event is.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch