Top 5 tips to dominate Raid in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

It’s time to flex on newbies that have never experienced Raid before. BOCW has brought back a perfect Call of Duty map, but if you are someone that has never had the privilege of enjoying Raid, here are our top tips to embrace your potential.

What’s the one thing that we’d change about Raid to make it a masterpiece of a map? It’s a trick question because you physically can’t make this map any better – hence why Treyarch has brought it back.

This extravagant Hollywood home is weirdly the perfect environment for a proper shootout. From the multi-million dollar estate to the exotic pool to the pristine sports car. The brilliance is equally distributed around the map in a variety of ways, and we’ll try and break it down for you.

Best tips to dominate Raid in BOCW

1. Avoid the water

It’s definitely one of the most unique and interactable elements of this or any map. But you’re pretty helpless in the water, if you’re seen in it then you’re just a helpless fish waiting to be caught.

But even if you’re not, people are savvy enough to know to keep an eye out for a secret water ninja. You also don’t really benefit from the water either as it takes you the furthest away from the action and Raid isn’t a proper sneaky type of map.

pool area in raid map in cod bocw

2. Basketball court

Don’t go into the hut immediately next to it as that’s an obvious hotspot for disaster and enemy players will immediately lock onto it to sniff you out.

You should instead use the cover of the walls that enter/exit the court as you’ll have a perfect view of the water, the upper bedroom that people like to utilize, and anyone moving underneath the house.

3. Use all the cover you can for the statue channel

This channel is not only a cool channel, it’s one of the great lanes as it just has so much going on for it. You’ve got the upper windows, the paths underneath/to the side of them, the statue, all the decorative architectural stones around it, the cars, the vans, and even a path connecting to the middle of the map.

It shows you don’t always need a big map to be full, but to ensure you don’t fall victim to the fullness, you have to constantly utilize the cover to advance. You can conceivably walk straight past each other without ever knowing there were two of you there. The cover is strategically placed for a reason, use it.

statue channel in the raid map in cod bocw

4. The Upper Bedroom Window

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re playing a game of Search & Destroy or something similar then getting to this room is paramount.

Being behind a pane window and up against the room’s back wall, visibility is rather limited. So when enemies are appearing by the basketball court, or sneaking into the hut, or somewhere else at the other end of the map, take advantage of your inadvertent cloak.

5. The middle

Another middle portion that can really determine how well you do. Crossing through the very middle through the section containing the tree is incredibly risky as you’ll be properly visible from four different directions – but if you go prone in here during S&D then it might be different.

But if you can make it over to the other side, sit in the corner briefly, or patrol up and down in that corner, and earn some easy kills from enemies rushing through the middle or sides.

middle of raid map in cod bocw

If you’re still reading this and haven’t hopped back into Raid yet then we encourage you to go and do so. It’s an incredible map that encapsulates everything right and true about an online game of Call of Duty.

Image credits: Treyarch

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