Top 5 tips to dominate Crossroads in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

Arguably one of the best maps in Black Ops Cold War this year is the snowy battlefield of Crossroads. A classic CoD-style map with many different avenues to explore. Absorb these top tips and become a cold, calculated killer in it.

Some of Call of Duty’s best maps are usually the simplest and have reoccurring themes. The prototypical typical three-lane system, a decent feature that makes it stand-out, and when it appears in the lobby – you are overcome with pure joy and adulation.

Crossroads is absolutely one of those maps and it’s a perfectly serviceable piece of land that is more than adequate for all game modes too.

1. Be very wary of the channel with high ground

Visibility is a huge issue here. It’s so easy to be caught in a Groundhog Day of your own as you’ll reach it, get shot from nowhere, die, and repeat. It’s a great way of advancing up the map, but know that it’s a calculated gamble – not one we take often.

If you’re down below, make sure you’re hidden behind a container/barrel before approaching. If you’re up high then use one of the metal sheets. As long as you’re in control of the situation and obscured, you can definitely get some kills here.

crossroads map spot in bocw

2. The ultimate camping spot

We all know which one it is, it’s a weirdly open part of the map, but the risk/reward option is tempting. Essentially, one room across the bridge has a gaping wall that can basically spy a common spawn area.

To truly take advantage of this, laser a few enemies – maybe 2 or 3? – then retreat around the corner and let proximity mines and a shotgun take care of a few more. Then either regain the element of surprise by either popping out again or moving down one floor into the room with the vehicle in the middle.

A steady rotation and balanced attack strategy can be hugely beneficial. Spawn camping obviously sucks if you’re on the receiving end, but Treyarch intentionally made the map this way. The huge downside is being overwhelmed or being battered with grenades from angry spawners.

3. Use this lane to own objective-based modes

This channel simultaneously connects all three lanes essentially, but don’t let that put you off. As long as you don’t rack up a parking ticket being here, then you’re sure to earn points and turn the tide of your game.

The area near the tank is flag B in Domination and a regular Hardpoint. It’s so easy to spawn from the opposite end of the area, make your way up, and you can get a kill from someone running across the bridge, running out of the factory, and trying to attack that objective.

middle in crossroads in bocw

4. Shotgun as a secondary weapon is a must

We mentioned this in point 2 but Crossroads has so many different examples of close-quarters fighting that a Shotgun is a must. A powerful AR or SMG should probably be accompanied by a shotgun as a secondary anyway.

But with two adjoining buildings each linked by a variety of connected rooms, there’s so much potential for one-hit shotgun blasts.

gallo sa12 in bocw

5. Do not dawdle on choke point bridge

The temptation to cross this bridge is undoubtedly unreal. To get here, you get some protection from either building that you go through first, so that’s tempting enough. But the bridge will basically take you to the enemy and offer a chance to clean house. But the bridge is make or break.

Under no circumstances should you do anything but RUN across this bridge. Anyone approaching the opening to the bridge will usually get there quickly, already have their gun fixated on you, and probably kill you.

A good strategy is to launch a grenade through to the other side first, just to cleanse your mind of doubt. Once done, sprint, have the shotgun ready, earn a Chopper Gunner.

Take these tops tips and go and destroy the opposition in Crossroads. This is one of those maps that can generate a high body count, so make sure you are doing so.

Image credits: Treyarch

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